Essential UK – Part One

We step away from the Essential Australia series for a moment and move back to our home in the UK. This is mainly inspired by a fellow blogger Samantha who is currently living in London, having moved from Canada. That in conjunction with the current world climate, including Brexit and the delight that is President Trump, I want you all to know that the UK is still a magnificent country full of wonder and bliss – an adventure like no other which is simply waiting for you.

Here are some of the essential elements to the beautiful, eclectic British Isles. … More Essential UK – Part One

A lust for Solitude

When I was younger the mere idea of Solitude used to scare me. I always desired company, I always desired acceptance and loved to be around people.

One of the main challenges of travelling alone is that you will be subjected to solitude on a frequent basis. What you have to learn to respect it and enjoy it. Realizing where you are, who you are and taking a moment out of the chaos to reflect can really help. What you will soon learn is that solitude is bliss… Once you learn that, then all of a sudden you find endless beauty around the world.. … More A lust for Solitude

Dive right in!

My father wanted me to learn scuba diving with him when I was younger, however at the time I wasn’t interested. I never was a fan of the water during my youth, we were never sure if it was just an irrational fear or something else. What I have never been able to do is open my eyes underwater . I was a late bloomer regarding swimming, but am now perfectly happy in the water. … More Dive right in!

Location Repurpose

As explorers at heart we rarely visit the same place more than a couple of times.

We are true believers that there is so much of the world to see and so much choice why would you continue to visit the same location.

As we have grown older this theory has come under question as we start to find new experiences and Repurpose in certain special locations. These places provide us with new Wandering Memories each and every time we visit. They adapt to our state of mind and specific purpose, they essentially continue to surprise us with wonder and awe. … More Location Repurpose