Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

A year is a long period of time in the word of Wanderlust.

Through a varied mix of media such as the TV, Radio, Movies the Internet and Literature, as a society we are presented with the opportunity to dream like never before. All outlets offer inspiration through the thoughts or journeys of others. Looking at it from that perspective, this range of media actually includes all of us with blogs about travel. As we have the aspiration to share and inspire others to travel, we are essentially an integral part of the Wanderlust concept. … More Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

Serene Untouched Ambience

Millions of us crave a beach, some of us even travel simply to experience one.
Beaches incorporate a perception of relaxation and tranquility, a human haven.

Most however are manipulated by the world’s increasing capitalistic nature and have lost some of their ambience, becoming more of a attraction than a haven.

A deserted beach is a rarity in the world we live in. … More Serene Untouched Ambience

It is named Wanderlust

Initially we were perplexed for the daily-posts photo challenge this week – Names!

At first we thought of the important people in our life and their names, then the people we met travelling, but then it hit us.. It doesn’t need to be about a persons name.

How about the name of something we hold dear to us… a possession or hold on… a feeling … More It is named Wanderlust

Essential Australia – Cape Range

To our dismay, when we lived in Australia for 12 months we never got to experience Cape Range National Park. The reason for this was that it is situated halfway between Perth and Broome on the Western Coast of Australia (1,000 km from either). It is literally in the middle of nowhere!

We rectified this recently on a campervan tour on the Western Coast, and it was the best decision ever! Cape Range fights it out with Broome as our most essential place to visit in all of Australia… So why the high praise? … More Essential Australia – Cape Range

A Christmas Treat – Dyker Heights

Christmas is coming and there is no where like New York City to find a real Wandering Memory festive experiences.
At the top of this Christmas extravaganza is the quiet suburb of Dyker Heights in far Brooklyn, a good hour away from the glitz and glamour of the city. Every year this quiet suburb comes to life with some of the most incredible, slightly outlandish Christmas light displays we have ever witnessed. … More A Christmas Treat – Dyker Heights