London Tips – An iconic walk

A friend of ours from Canada is coming over to London in the next couple of weeks and I wanted to give her some new ideas of what to do for her visit. So I will be blogging about a few of our favourite activities in and around teh London area over the next few weeks.

Every knows the highlights of London, those iconic locations and buildings that are just unmissable for any trip… However many people just don’t realise that many of the big historic landmarks are actually with short walking distance from one another. … More London Tips – An iconic walk

What’s your favourite?

Being a passionate traveller and having travelled to fifty nine countries worldwide we are consistently asked

What’s your favourite?

This is the worst question to ask a true traveller, as deciding is near on impossible. Each country holds something special, unique Wandering Memories influenced by the personal experience.

My standard response is… ‘I can’t decide that, it’s like asking a film critic what their favorite movie is or a music fan whose their favourite band?’

Well for the first time I will document down a number of our favourite Wandering Memories.… More What’s your favourite?

Secret New York – Roosevelt Island

Next in our blogging series of secret New York, comes the wonderfully quiet Roosevelt Island. In seven previous visits to Manhattan we had not once even contemplated visiting the narrow strip of land in the middle of the East river.

I doubt many tourists give the island a second thought, when consumed with the decadence that New York promises. The bright lights and reputation are just too much for the average tourist.… More Secret New York – Roosevelt Island

Secret New York – The Ramble Cave

Central Park is one of the most iconic landmarks in New York, if not the world. The 800+ acre park welcomes nearly forty million visitors a year and is renowned as a must see location on any New York City visit. The vastness of the park makes it a huge attraction to explore, and take it from us a single visit is never enough time. The park itself is home to a Zoo, Pond, Skating Rink, Theatre, Reservoir and some of the most incredible views of the cityscape.… More Secret New York – The Ramble Cave

Contrast – Cape Town

Originally posted on A Wandering Memory:
One of my favourite cities in Africa is South Africa’s crowning jewel of Cape Town. This dramatic city boasts a superb seaside location, great climate, the iconic Table Mountain, proximity to some of the country’s best natural attractions and a turbulent yet fascinating history. Located in the South West…

Bol – Croatia

As previously blogged we completely fell in love with Croatia and the island of Brac. Setting up a base in Supetar, we hired a car to enable us to visit the entire island. Access to this small town is via a road that descends from the high centre to the coastline, it’s a beautiful drive well worth the effort.… More Bol – Croatia