Quest for Tranquility – Photo Challenge

Being a travel site, we have been lucky enough to have a vast array of adventures in our repertoire. A lot of these could be considered quests to us… but what exactly is a quest?

A quest is defined as ‘a long or arduous search for something’.

We work hard everyday to pay for our adventures in busy, noisy office environments. One thing we crave and long for isolated tranquility and we have been lucky to experience this wonder a number of times. … More Quest for Tranquility – Photo Challenge

New York Alternative Advice

We have been asked to put together a few recommendations for a trip to New Jersey by a couple of our readers. Once I found out where they were staying, my main focus was of course of the glitz and glamour of New York City, however we also referred to Atlantic City, the Jersey shore and Philadelphia, as all are in easy reach. Initial discussions revealed that these readers loved some of the ideas and recommendations however wanted to keep away from the crowds and usual general busy tourist traps of New York City.

What a topic, as any of you who have visited the city that never sleeps know. the majority is very commercialised and extremely busy. However we are always up for a challenge so here goes: … More New York Alternative Advice

Squatting in Natures backyard – Antigua

When asked about our favourite places we often sigh, as every traveller knows it’s nearly impossible to choose one place over another. Especially when each place has such a repertoire of wandering memories and experiences.

However much we hate to be asked it, there is no stopping it being asked… One place that always appears in our top 10 is the surprise package of Guatemala. Yes Guatemala! sounds like a strange one doesn’t it? I mean it’s not a location may people think of when you look at the strong competition. … More Squatting in Natures backyard – Antigua

Where Memories are made – Whipsnade

When we returned from living in Canada we settled in a lovely country village not too far away from where we both grew up. One of the wonders of the location is that it is only a few miles from one of the UK top zoo’s.

I know what you’re thinking, a Zoo? Well Whipsnade zoo is not just any normal Zoo; it houses a huge amount of sentimental family memories and is renowned as one of the premier zoological societies in all of Europe. … More Where Memories are made – Whipsnade

A Surprise 60th

We recently detailed the fifty nine country strong list that A Wandering Memory has had personal experiences of. Calculating the amount of countries visited is always difficult when you reach a higher number as sometimes you just can’t recall them all.

We never expected that our 60th would take us to the 28th smallest country in the world – Luxembourg. On a previous road trip we did contemplate a visit from Amsterdam but it was just a touch too far. … More A Surprise 60th

London Tips – An iconic walk

A friend of ours from Canada is coming over to London in the next couple of weeks and I wanted to give her some new ideas of what to do for her visit. So I will be blogging about a few of our favourite activities in and around teh London area over the next few weeks.

Every knows the highlights of London, those iconic locations and buildings that are just unmissable for any trip… However many people just don’t realise that many of the big historic landmarks are actually with short walking distance from one another. … More London Tips – An iconic walk