Celebrity Love Island – Fiji

I hate to admit this but my wife and I have recently got embroiled in an English TV show called Love Island (#loveisland)… I know, I am not happy (or proud) about it, but there is something about crap reality TV that occasionally is just intoxicating and completely addictive. I suppose that’s why it is so popular.

I am not a true follower of reality TV and in all honesty try to avoid it as much as possible, as would rather be out exploring and meeting people, than watching them on TV. Sorry if this may be controversial but shows like The Only Way Is Essex, Chelsea, Real Housewife’s, Survivor, the Bachelor, Idol etc… just do nothing for me at all. Love Island, this year however has caught me off guard, as since we are saving for our next traveling adventure most evenings do consist of watching TV in the house. Watching a number of British unknowns going through the paces of love & relationships in a villa in Majorca is just too addictive, with both funny and cringe worthy moments every episode.

I am so happy it is finishing soon, but know a bit of me is going to miss it

It was this program that bought about my next Wandering memory, the fact that I had visited the filming set of the first Celebrity Love Island which was set in the Fijian location Bounty Island.

Dave1 096

Fiji’s backpacker route is predominately concentrated around the Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands. The Islands are all located a boat ride from the town of Nadi, and there are a considerable number of them, all offering something different. After a few months travelling around New Zealand on a bus, a tropical island paradise was exactly what I needed. I had already traveled to some of the magical outer islands, and had some incredible experiences, so coming back to the tiny island was sure to be just a magical.


This might surprise you all, but Bounty Island was by far the worst of the Fijian Islands, the staff were incredibly rude and somewhat incompetent. The experience was so awful that a group of us decided to get away from the resort, and walk the island, the whole 30 minutes it would take.

Dave1 086

On the opposite side of the island was the reminisce of the set of Celebrity Love Island, I unfortunately hadn’t watched the programme, but loved exploring the hollow overgrown abandoned film set and even sat in the bath that was still in place. It was kind of like exploring a lost town or one of America’s ghost towns… The film set was right on the beach with the southern pacific ocean lapping at the wooden stilts. There was something magical about this empty hollow deserted place.

Dave1 090

Dave1 087

During our one night on Bounty Island, I also had every backpackers nightmare experience – an encounter with the resorts residents.. BEDBUGS! Yes there is nothing more hideous than lying on your bed and witnessing microscopic creatures crawling over you and sucking your blood… What made it even worse if that you’re not suppose to even see these creatures as they are so tiny, these I could actually see!

Disgusted with the whole experience, I went to sleep on a sun loungers outside on the beach. I was met by one of the girls we travelled with (who also couldn’t sleep) and we ventured to the other side of the island. There we sat with a bottle of wine on the veranda of the celebrity love island set, feet dangling into the warm ocean. We chatted into the night, with the stars gleaming in the dark sky, and the moon being our primary source of light. I hadn’t been intimate since leaving New Zealand, but something about this place that just overtook us both and inhibitions were lost.

Dave1 108

Waking up together on the veranda at sunrise wasn’t as comfortable or romantic as it sounds, wooden slats and no cushions or blankets. Believe me my back was aching! However how many people get the experience of sleeping on a paradise island film set?

We cut our 2 night stay short and left immediately in the morning for the Beachcomber resort a few miles away.

By no way take this blog as a warning about travel to Fiji, as it’s an incredible country and I couldn’t recommend it higher. It’s just a wandering memory sparked by Love Island itself.

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