The Proposal – Bora Bora

A Wandering Memory

This Friday I wanted to celebrate as I just reached 100 followers and over 3,000 visits on a Wandering Memory (in under 2 months), and as such am reblogging my most popular blog post about our magical visit to Bora Bora – Thank you so much for all your support with the blog – I love reading all of yours and hope my posts can inspire you to visit and create wandering memories of your own… Thank you so much! David (p.s. sorry if you have already read this)

Since we have traveled a substantial amount, many people ask the question where is your favorite place? This question to any traveler is very difficult to answer, should I say:

  • The most beautiful place?
  • The most adventurous?
  • The place with the most variety?
  • The cultural significance?
  • The most amazing people?

It’s just impossible to answer…

Especially as every location and experience brings something new…

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