True Wanderlust – Travel Wishlist – Part 2

In light of my recent post on Wanderlust and locations I want to visit, I thought I would do the same but for locations we have already visited. You know like an experience missed… A next time kind-of approach.

So here are my 10 repeat locations for new experiences (in no particular order)

  • Northern Canada

polarphoto credit: 100_0516 via photopin (license)

Living in Canada was amazing, but it’s SO incredibly large and there is no way we could’ve done it all. And although we touched on the Yukon, we would love to revisit and go searching for Polar Bear’s and maybe even see the infamous Ice Road. Simply Magical!

  • Isle of Skye

15223081174_ed131ff12a_bphoto credit: Isle Of Skye via photopin (license)

Funny, as it’s so ridiculously close to where we live(in worldwide terms) but we have never been. Its renowned as beautiful wilderness, with extremely dramatic coastline and weather to match.

  • Lapland

5315654673_40bbf4e307_bphoto credit: Reindeer Rides via photopin (license)

I am cheating a bit here, as we haven’t yet been to Sweden and Finland, but will this month. This is definitely somewhere both my wife and I have always wanted to visit. Dreams of Santa Claus, elves and reindeer spring to mind, but I would settle for the dramatic wilderness and striking scenery.

  • Wild Pandas in China

6188384250_bf3e4a8ebd_bphoto credit: Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre via photopin (license)

I am not sure this is even possible anymore, as think the majority are kept in captivity these days – but we can but dream! The image above is in the Chinese Breeding centre in Chengdu.

  • The Kimberley

6106217417_1dfb0c886e_b photo credit: Ord River via photopin (license)

This area is known for its rugged harsh climate, sheer isolation and therefore wild beauty. The road that connects Darwin to Broome is one of the last segments of Australia I have to conquer.

  • Indonesian Islands

10550922995_6eda56a822_b photo credit: IMG_4673 via photopin (license)

I loved Indonesia, we got to visit a number of their Islands including the Gillis, Flores, Lombok and Bali, but I feel there is a just so much more to offer… Its incredible and it is definitely one of our finest wandering memories.

  • USA – Florida Keys, Texas, New Orleans, Nashville and Yellowstone

12311378913_1248f647bd_bphoto credit: IMG_7311 via photopin (license)

Didn’t want the USA to overpower this list, but having traveled a lot in America already, these places continue to dominate my list. The Florida Keys are renowned as having the beauty of the Caribbean. Texas is in itself a small country laced with history and cowboy traditions – every young boys dream! New Orleans and Nashville resonate with my love for American music, and southern hospitality… food included!

Yellowstone is the only differential here… and in my opinion it’s the American equivalent to an African Safari. Wilderness at its finest, with views of bears, wolves and bison in mind… it just appears to be a magical place.

  • Costa Rica Beaches

5347231422_d0be2d9d18_bphoto credit: IMG_8175 via photopin (license)

To any American a visit to Costa Rica without visiting the beaches is a crazy idea… However we only had time for Montverde, Arenal and San Jose…

  • French Polynesia – Moorea, Raiatea and well, all of the other French Polynesian islands really! This will be no surprise to any who read this blog post, as its transfixing, inspiring and just god damn beautiful.

10325191624_267ebdaa9d_b photo credit: via photopin (license)6166248165_3fde53c3f6_bphoto credit: Couché de soleil via photopin (license)

Other considerations were the lesser traveled routes in Fiji, New Brunswick in Canada, San Blas Islands in Panama, Route 66 in the USA, Tibet in China and Japan for Cheery Blossoms or Snowboarding in Sapporo.

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18 thoughts on “True Wanderlust – Travel Wishlist – Part 2

  1. Nice bucket list. I live in Texas and have been to Bali, Costa Rica, New Orleans, and the Florida Keys, plus lots of other places.


    1. Very nice, we honeymooned in Bali, Lombok, the Gilli Islands, Flores and Komodo Island – but its others less travelled I’d love to explore. Costa Roca too but only Monteverde and the capital. This list is just about places we missed when we visited… Theres another which is new places… check it out


  2. Glad to know that you’ve ever been in some Indonesia’s Island. And if you’re eager to travel to less traveled regions, you can go to some less famous islands beyond Bali and Lombok, such as Sumbawa or Sumba or even some smaller islands in the eastern part of Indonesia. Some big islands have some less traveled region, too.
    Anyway, your blog is great. I like to read your traveling experiences 🙂


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