A Wandering Memories Essential Travel Companion

My wife and I have just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, and pretty much our 8th year together. I know it’s not an incredible amount of time but as you may have previously read in my blogs Megan is not only my wife but she is my best friend. So I have been asking myself how I got so lucky?

Believe me it didn’t come overnight, there was a lot of heartache and difficult experiences prior to that fateful day where we met over a buffet table. Yes you heard me right, over a buffet table… It can strike anywhere and anyhow, you just never know.

Since the buffet, we have holidayed, we have traveled the world, lived abroad, bought a home together and created a life together. It’s a weird as if I hadn’t come home from traveling, I may never had met the lady I now rely on so much.

I had already traveled the world and had many life changing experiences, but Megan just seems to enhance those experiences. It’s funny, as I loved travelling alone, I found it liberating and challenging, but with Megan it is fun, it’s comfortable and overall just an inspirational. comical experience. I love taking her views and wishes into consideration, I love seeing her smile when she finds something fun or interesting. But overall I find beauty and fun in places and activities I had never expected too. Megan can literally make a dark rainy day a memorable experience.

I have witnessed couples travelling, seen meltdowns, breakups, lies and cheating. But also have witnessed friendship, unbreakable bonds and that mythic ‘perfect couple’. It takes a level of commitment, trust and thoughtfulness to really appreciate having a life and therefore travelling partner. I couldn’t even think of travelling alone anymore… It would be like travelling without my desire, my excitement or my heart.

It’s funny as most of the Wandering Memories revolve around the both of us, be it in a location or about an experience… The Wandering memory wouldn’t be the same without Megan.

So I wanted to publicly acknowledge that I have the best friend, traveling partner and wife all wrapped into one. Love you and here’s to many more exciting years.







DSCF3290 (2)




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28 thoughts on “A Wandering Memories Essential Travel Companion

  1. Hope you have many more years together in life’s great adventure. Travelling with a loving companion & friend is a wonderful thing. The best to you & Megan. Enjoy your blogs


  2. Resonates with me on so many levels. I can’t imagine traveling without my husband. There is an undying desire in me to share the beauty of every place I visit with him. Every vacation would seem incomplete without my companion.

    Also, I believe I am too timid to travel alone. In order to break out of my fear, I do hope to travel solo sometime. For me, that is a part of feeling ‘brave’.. 🙂


  3. Nice article. I know how precious it is to travel with a love one. I’ve been traveling a lot with my family so far, however when I spend some days with my boyfriend in the States, I’m probably having the best time of my life. Together, we usually go to MI. There we have our little paradise, Mackinac Island. I wish I could move to America, but the process is very very long…


    1. Ah where abouts are you now? I used to lust for America used to dream about it constantly. I nearly made the move myself. But will blog about that another time… Do what you have to to be happy is what I say it’s all new stories and memories. I absolutely love travelling with Megan it’s such a pleasure… We have a few weeks til our next adventure too. Very excited


      1. Right now, I am in Germany (stating my senior year next September :/ ). I tried to move in with my boyfriend and go to an American high school, but things just didn’t work.


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