Island Wanderlust – Help!

I have been really struggling with Wanderlust over the last few weeks, and with that Wanderlust has come something we refer to as ‘Island Fever’.

I think it’s because we haven’t been away in a long while (well a long while for us anyhow…). Although that will soon change as we have a couple of holidays coming up, none of them are on a tropical island!

So I have been researching, with the following considerations… 7-10 days, under 10 hour flights, direct if possible (so that’s the South Pacific out…), and put together a little poll, that I thought you maybe able to help with… This will be in January so the Greek islands have been removed as a lot of the tourist trade closes down that time of year.

I have included other – in case you have any other suggestions…

Please Hep!

22 thoughts on “Island Wanderlust – Help!

      1. I didn’t get to go. Plans were changed, but in my research before the trip, I know it’s a place to visit. I also have a few family members out there and the photos are beautiful. I could only imagine how it is in person. I thought my vote went through.


  1. I haven’t personally been to any of these, but close friends have been twice I the Virgin Islands and they thought British Virgin Islands over US… Not sure of your island plans but very quiet in the US Vigin Islands according to them.


  2. It depends on where you’re from, but my God the islands around Dubrovnik in Croatia (for example Mljet) are astoundingly beautiful.

    Also Koh Rong in Cambodia is pretty stunning too!


      1. London as well 🙂 Croatia really is the one – it’s so pretty and nice and lovely and pretty cheap as far as Europe goes!

        And only like 2 and a half hours from Gatwick too!


  3. I have been to several of these, and I would favor one offering both sea and mountains.
    Guadeloupe could be a very good option: as you are a diver, there is a fantastic underwater reserve to go diving, you have some wavy beaches to have fun and the mountains offer great hikes, waterfalls and swimming holes. Plus the rum is pretty good!! My vote is in 🙂


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