A Wandering Memory and its second Liebster award nomination

Yay I am so privileged to receive a second nomination this week, from the fantastic Iris – Thank you so much!This joins my first nomination from fellow blogger James who nominated me a few weeks back

This was a real privilege to be included, as I have only been blogging on here for 3 months, but hugely enjoy it. So Thank you so much…


Rules for The Liebster Award Nomination:

  • Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them
  • Answer the 11 questions
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers for this award who have less than 500 followers
  • Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  • You can’t nominate the one who tagged you
  • let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

My answers to James great set of questions are:

What is your earliest travel memory?

My earliest Travel Memory? – this is a very hard question to answer – the reason being is that you see pictures of yourself when you are young and hear stories. Over time those stories become confused with actual memories, and since you can see a picture too – they actually become a type of false memory! Ha how physiological am I getting? Ok OK… South Africa when I was 8, ‘Walking past a ‘black only’ toilet really needing to go, and being told I wasn’t allowed – this memory really confused me for many years – until I grew to understand the complexities of South African society at that time.

What motivated you to start blogging?

I recently interviewed for a Social Media job role, and made use of the concept of B2B blogging. I then realised that I had so many stories, memories and insight to share and potentially inspire or help others with their travels and wanderlust. I strarted reading and then inspirations hit! I was off like a rocket – and in 2 months have shared over 40 posts nearing 10,000 visits. Its started to feel like a new passion.

Would you rather be faced by a horse sized duck or 12 duck sized horses?

I think a horse sized duck would be really cool – and what an experience to hear that quack!

Who’s your inspiration?

My wife, my father, my mother and my sister… All amazing people and should take credit for who I am today.

Coffee or Tea?

Neither – as I don’t drink either of them – sorry!

What’s your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is probably losing the ability to live the life the way I do now… I am loved, I travel, I experience, I think, I write, I try to inspire… Really losing any of that would be a great fear…

Oh and I hate Spiders!

If you could take one thing with you to a desert island what would it be?

An over the water hut! Ha… think that maybe cheating slightly… I suppose it would have to be my wife – as she is awesome!

What do you think makes a great blog post?

Something that resonates with the reader. So they can join the experience, and feel the emotion that is conveyed. Be it laughter, sadness, joy or just interest – it’s all such an art!

Would you rather spend the rest of your life looking like a ninety year old but feeling like a twenty year old, or looking like a twenty year old and feeling like a ninety year old?

Wow what a question… I think looking like a 90 year old and feel like a 20 year old… As beauty is only skin deep – right? Well that’s what my mum always told me … I was an ugly child – Ha!

What’s your favourite movie?

Hugely difficult question – I am a MASSIVE movie fan… The Shawshank Redemption, Lord of The Rings, Batman – The Dark Knight, Back to the Future, Trading Places, Basketball Diaries, American History X, Platoon, Hotel Rwanda, Aliens, Dogma, Beverly Hills Cop, Crocodile Dundee, Lost & Delirious…. I am sorry I just can’t answer that!

Red or white wine?

Red with a good steak all the way!

My Answers to Iris are: 

Why did you start blogging?

My wife is an incredible Artist and has her own online shop called Ladybird Cottage, selling anything from Hand crafted and designed coast sets to Handmade cushions. Facebook here. 

She is incredible! Anyhow I sit and watch her do something she loves, and honestly I know it sound mushy but it makes me happy. It suddenly occurred to me that instead of just watching, why don’t I do that too… but for me writing and travelling has always made me happy! Voila…

Do you have a favorite post? If so, add a link to it.

Oooh interesting – I think my best ones are the ones that are heartfelt and personal… So I think ‘The Essential Travel Companion’ is one – was so easy to write…

If you had one food to eat daily, what would it be?

What a great question – It would have to be cheese! I love Cheese – goes with everything!

Share a fact not many people know about you.

I was badly bullied as a kid, but now look at me – I travel the world and have a goof d life! Anyone this resonates with should take note – it will get better if you allow it too. I am contemplating blogging about it – but honestly its such a personal experience – on the other hand if I can reach one child who suffers from bullying I think it maybe worth it – let me know your thoughts?

Are you a sweet tooth, or is savory more appealing?

Savoury all the way – Love a good stodgy meal…

If you won the lottery, where would be your first travel stop?

Back to where it all began – Bora Bora – and I’d purchase an over the water hut

Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person?

Another interesting question for me as I love Dogs but do have a very over attentive adorable cat called Ivy.

Where is your favorite place to go on a walk/hike?

Locally – probably Ashridge estate in Buckinghamshire

Beach or Mountains?

Mountains – I love Mountains – I think Tolkien has a lot to do with that… Those words of the misty mountains in the hobbit really drove my love for the Lake District and the Rockies

What are your goals for the blog this year?

I have only just started 3 months in 10,000+ views – I just want my posts to resonate with people and help, maybe cheer a few people up with humour and intrigue..

Bigger reward: Cocktail or Coffee?

Cocktail all the way – probably as I don’t drink Coffee… But on a tropical island it would rude not too right?

So my questions are as follows:

  • What’s the most challenging activity you have ever tried/want to try?
  • What is your most inspiring memory? And where was it?
  • If you had a million dollars you had to spend in one location in one week where would you go to do it, and how would you spend it?
  • Would you rather travel to the Moon or Mars?
  • If you had the opportunity to travel through time, where would you go and why?
  • Would you rather be always inspired or always happy?
  • Tell me about a piece of music that holds a special traveling memory for you
  • Who’s is your favourite fictional character and why?
  • If you could fix the issues facing any country – which country would it be and why?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  • Share your favourite photograph of travelling.

Thank you James of Globe Trotting and Iris at very hungry entourage for the inclusion in this award nomination, I really appreciate the support you all have shown. I hope to continue to inspire and help fellow travelers, as well as bringing enjoyment with some great memories, amazing adventures and funny stories.

My Nominations are: All great blogs in their own right – so please check them out!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Please feel free to share my posts on facebooktwitter or Instagram, comment or follow the Wandering Memory below (I’d love to hear from you).

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