The Wake Up Call – Travelling

As my 50th post, I wanted to include you all in the story of how my Worldwide adventures really begun!… Hope it ignites some inspiration for all of you wanting to travel!

Working seven days a week for a year can really have a dramatic affect on your life, in all aspects. I had been doing exactly that, originally it was to support my America addiction, but as my girlfriend at the time had left to travel the world and was currently in Sydney, it soon just turned into normal routine.

My day job was adequately paid, well adequate for a 24 year old with a non-career specific degree!

This was supplemented by overtime, especially taking the opportunity to work on Saturdays. I liked Saturdays, it was quiet and the customers who did appear were usually nice enough.  It also usually took no time at all to make the journey – the journey that if timed wrong in the week could literally take up to 3 hours. The real bonus was the huge Breakfast rolls that were usually consumed on a Saturday – delicious!

My Sundays and Saturday nights, now that Nat was gone were filled up by working at an indoor snow slope, either helping on the slope or in Customer Service. This was more of a social element to my week, I mean I knew the place backwards; I could ski or board for free at lunchtime and even offer my family and friend’s lessons. This was very poorly paid, but I didn’t mind – as I said it was more about the social element.

The news of my girlfriend cheating on me, hit me pretty hard, and I hit work even harder, I started working evenings at the snow slope when I wasn’t in my day job. I took every shift I could, sometimes starting in London at 7.30am and not getting home until 9pm. The evening job would even keep me out until midnight or later. Her return didn’t help the situation and I supplemented the hurt with numerous drinking activities during any of my spare time with the lads.

I was extremely tired, but I smashed through it, at one point averaging upto 4/5 hours sleep a night. I was bound to crash and crash I did (not literally).

It was 5.30am and I was on the M25 London’s busiest and most notorious roads, driving none other than a lovely Porsche Boxster. The traffic even at this ungodly like time was heavy, and as I sat there I felt my eyes start to flutter. Next thing I know I am over the hard shoulder heading for a ditch on the side of the road. Only a reaction swerve saved both me and the car…


photo credit: Porsche Boxster S via photopin (license)

It was this moment where I thought – Enough is enough – there is more to life than work, and feeling sorry for myself. I was going…

That same day I booked a round the world flight, stopping in Shanghai. Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, Nadi and LA.

This was the best decision of my life and as you can see I have never turned back!

My advice – Don’t wait for something like this to happen, take every opportunity and experience that is open to you…  You may fear it, I did – but overcoming that fear is a journey in itself!

I’ll soon be updating the structure of this blog and be adding numerous stories over the next week. Therefore please stay in touch and let me know your thoughts – Join A Wandering Memory today 

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13 thoughts on “The Wake Up Call – Travelling

    1. Hey Bill – Thank you for your support – I know you have read a number of the posts and really aprpeciate it – Have just followed your blog also… so will look out for the updates. Glad you liked it..


  1. great post!!! and you are very brave to share such private things about you. this definetely will help me when I will decide for a round the world trip. thanks.


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