Inspired by Beauty – Setting a new Goal

I am a man who likes to have a few goals, both attainable and some more far-fetched.

When I was very young, the idea of jumping out of a plane was unthinkable to most people – but it always captivated me. Granted back then, the concept of skydiving existed but wasn’t as commercially available as it is today. So on my 19th birthday I seized the day and completed my first jump!

Through my teenage years, I became obsessed with the idea of living the ‘American dream’, so much so that I chose to study abroad and make a last ditch try to live it. Granted this dream fell through, but I will never regret giving it the try I did.

Some other examples I can think of are:

  • When I wanted to see the world, I worked and saved continuously, and achieved it – not once but twice.
  • I wanted to lose weight for our wedding day – so I trained 3 times a week for 6 months, lost 2 stone and have pictures to be proud of.

Obtainable goals are a great way of giving yourself something to work towards, however we all have those far-fetched dreams…

1682538557_2ee003a63c_b (1)

photo credit: Tibet (758) via photopin (license)

Yesterday one of childhood dreams was reignited, while watching the movie ‘Everest’. I remember sitting on the horrendous orange carpet in my Grandmas flat in London, looking at the Edmund Hilary story and salivating over the imagery of the Himalayan Mountains and the iconic Everest. Don’t get me wrong I accepted long ago that I don’t have the experience or actually the desire to conquer the summit. That would take years of training and dedication and after watching that film, it didn’t inspire much confidence… However what it has done is reignite a childhood dream to see the mountain for myself from Base Camp…

I want to be this guy…


photo credit: Tibet (717) via photopin (license)

So now it’s all about lusting, planning, saving and of course step one – Convincing the wife! Maybe that’s the real far-fetched dream – HA!

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