Inspired by Beauty – Setting a new Goal

A Wandering Memory

I am a man who likes to have a few goals, both attainable and some more far-fetched.

When I was very young, the idea of jumping out of a plane was unthinkable to most people – but it always captivated me. Granted back then, the concept of skydiving existed but wasn’t as commercially available as it is today. So on my 19th birthday I seized the day and completed my first jump!

Through my teenage years, I became obsessed with the idea of living the ‘American dream’, so much so that I chose to study abroad and make a last ditch try to live it. Granted this dream fell through, but I will never regret giving it the try I did.

Some other examples I can think of are:

  • When I wanted to see the world, I worked and saved continuously, and achieved it – not once but twice.
  • I…

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