A Unique Gift – Lama Trekking – England

Presents are hard… I mean what do you buy someone who has everything? Or wants nothing? It’s a real conundrum…

Whilst searching for a Christmas present for my gorgeous wife, I came across one of the weirdest, most unusual concepts I have ever heard of… Lama Trekking!  Yes you heard me right Lama Trekking.

When I first saw this advertised, I thought it would come with a flight to Peru and we would hike the Inca Trail. No such luck, its Lama Trekking in the beautiful English countryside (Devon to be exact!).  Megan loves weird animals, so what a quirky, unique and totally different gift!  Perfect!

So what does it entail? Well to say it’s a unique experience is to undersell it… You literally drive to a small farm just outside of Sidmouth in southern Devon, meet the quirky yet adorable owner, and take a Lama out for a walk. It’s as simple as that!

Our lamas were called Eric and Ollie – and they say you can pick a Lama but really – The lama picks you!

IMG_1638 IMG_1620 IMG_1597 IMG_1593 IMG_1576 IMG_1581 IMG_1647

What a strange but truly Wandering Memory experience! and a great way to spend the weekend – highly recommended just because it is so memorable!

Find out more here, which links to the company website!

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