Really like this post – strong feelings most travelers can relate too


The word sounds like all shades of happiness and ecstasy to me right now because that is all i want to do. Escape. Run away from all the boring people, all the same things, and my monotonous routine. I want to break free of all these things that surround me, and I want to find myself in a new country and amongst new people. For now everything around me feels so old and on the brink of withering away into nothingness. Everything around me is wrinkled, old and grey, and I wake up everyday to go through the exact same activities I carried out the day before- all the same things repeated in what people like to call a ‘day’. If we have days, why don’t we get on a place and fly off to places never known to human kind? Why don’t we swim in the ocean and…

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3 thoughts on “Escapism

      1. It’s been amazing. I JUST got back from the beautiful Lviv! Im so sad to leave now but at the same time I cant wait to get home! Im so excited to visit my friends and family for a couple of weeks! BTW, Congrats on your big 800 followers milestone! Cant wait to hit that number lol


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