The Most Unbelievable Airline Saga Ever – Complaint Part 2

Thank you all for reading part 1 blog of our worst airline experience saga – I know it was a long one – but unfortunately part 2 is just as long, but will really demonstrate what happened to us after the initial complaint was made… Believe me it will make you cringe!

Enjoy and please feel free to comment, share or follow me.

Part 2 

Good Afternoon

It is with sheer disbelief and utter disappointment that I write yet another formal letter to you, in the slim hope to receive some response regarding everything your airline has put us through since the original (very serious) complaint.

I cannot believe the service I have been subjected too, from all over your company, including some senior members of your staff even after the nightmare holiday we had.

I also cannot believe that since my first email to Guest affairs on the 22/04 it has been over 2 months of emails, calls, promises and I am still awaiting some conclusion from this. I have sent over 60 emails and registered over 5 hours of calls to over 10 different contacts within this company and still I am at a loss as to your customer service and resolution skills.

I will document everything that has happened since my original complaint so you can witness first-hand what a shambles it has been…

Before I decided to document the whole fiasco I had had emails that never came to anything from numerous members of your staff there.

So after my original (5 page complaint) complaint was sent to Guest Affairs and the CEO, I received a call from a lady in your customer services team, who informed me that she will email me directly so I have her details, and she never did. What shocked me the most was that during our conversation I noticed that your colleague was asking questions that were already addressed in my correspondence? I then asked if she had read the correspondence and she stated that she had ‘skim read it’. Meaning that at no point did she read through in detail the issues my wife and I have had with you and understand thoroughly what we have been put through! This was UNBELIEVEABLE. I followed it up by asking her what her position was and I was told she was a Representative – not even a manger!

Now I am a fair man, but this was utterly insulting – Not only had you ruined our holiday in dramatic style, you felt it appropriate to ask a lady who hadn’t even read my correspondence (which took me over 3 hours to write) to communicate with me. And as to a compensation offer of a flight from Manchester (where we do not live) to your hub in Miles (one way) was again a complete insult, and something you should reserve for ‘oh i missed my flight enquiries’. If my email was read thoroughly not only have we been delayed, but insulted, lied to, given false promises and treated like absolute dirt! I also stated that I have no desire to fly with you ever again – and compensation of points that made up a one way flight to your hub was offered… what a joke! Completely insulting. I sent the original email to teh CEO in order to try to get some sense from this ‘world leading company’, and got a response I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

This continued with the lady calling me again, until I was so upset and frustrated I demanded to be escalated to a senior manager.  I also contacted a an example of your better staff who had been the one shining  light in the whole mess of a holiday. She apologised in writing and even stated how embarrassed she was…  she then attempted to escalate this to the senior staff as well on my behalf.

It was after this I was actually got the fabled email response from yoru colleague again. I was dismayed at this, as again the lady who hadn’t read my email and frustrated me even further was again in charge of what I consider a serious complaint.

I therefore asked again for a senior manager to call me, and spoke to another colleague. I have to compliment her as know she came into a very volatile situation with an extremely aggrieved customer and she handled me very well. We were offered Business Class Flights with Lounge access to a destination of our choice on one of your routes and a promise that she would investigate and report to me what happened. Again she was very effective and also kindly agreed to pay the taxes due to the severity of the complaint.

She handed the booking over to Jack who would book it and confirm. Although his phone manner was good, it did take a few emails to get the booking completed including him asking me some personal details – which you already had. It’s a small thing but something that just addess to my frustrations. I was then informed that the booking confirmation had been sent to my  email address when it hadn’t but luckily Jack also sent it to my work for I did receive it. Upon receipt we immediately questioned the dates as it states that tickets are not available until our leaving date and our return date is also not available until our leave date which is very confusing especially when we are coming back on January 13th but the ticket states that it is not available after 26th of December. This is a case of simple admin, and when addressed with her she stated that it was nothing to worry about. Unfortunately everything is something to worry about with what we have been through!!!!!!!.

Your senior contact also came back to me with her initial findings from the investigation into my complaint of which I was not impressed by the findings – as it just seemed like excuses not actual findings. I asked for this to be escalated to a senior manager and she informed me that they would call me and gave me the names and dates that they would be calling. Surprise, surprise that didn’t happen! And I re-emailed her to get her Out of Office for 3 weeks so I emailed it through to another colleague who was on her out of office . I chased her twice with no reply – not even a courtesy email to let me know she had received the email… You can now understand how frustrating this is – that your own senior managers do not keep promises to call! And other Guest Affairs colleagues just do not bother replying!

So Vthe senior colleague returns after 3 weeks of silence, and immediately calls me to apologise and let slip that her out office contact was informed by Dawn (a senior manager) that Dawn had already contacted me and it was all sorted! Now I have no idea where that came from – it’s simply lies! As I had had no contact with Dawn at all during those 3 weeks. So after 3 weeks of waiting – Dawn was spurred to call me – firstly introducing herself as Dawn  from another airline! Bit of a slip there…! Her excuse for not contacting me was that she didn’t have my phone number! Really? Except for the fact it’s on my booking, she has an email address and how many more correspondences do you need from me?  I really did hope she would put this complaint and query to bed and finish my correspondence entirely.

What I have received from Dawn has been pretty appalling even by your shockingly poor standards… and this is supposed to be a senior manager? She has failed to keep call and email promises on numerous occasions, emailed me things that do not even relate to my booking, promised Limo services for all legs of our journey, informed me she would write an apology letter herself by the end of last week! It’s just a huge joke! I am not even positive that she read the original complaint letter in full before calling me!!!!  She is seriously appalling – and has aggravated me beyond belief! My one credit to her is that she did understand what my frustration was and for a glimpse of empathy I suppose that was a positive! I am still awaiting my response from her which was promised by the end of the week!

I am sorry this email is so lengthy but you have to understand you are compensating me and for completely ruining my holiday. A trip that took 6 months of planning and cost over ???, and it’s been such a struggle to get it recognized that your airline took that away from me and my wife. You are suppose to be trying to reassure me that my business with you is something you want and that everything you have promised is guaranteed. But what yoiu have down is just prove my original conclusions that the company have no idea what they are doing!

All I wanted from the start of all of this was some recognition of what you have put us through – not heartless lackluster apologies from people who do not know anything about customer services and haven’t even read the complaint

Now again I realise that your initial offer of flights are fantastic and we are happy with them, the chauffeur service is a bonus as well as the lounge access.  We have accepted these as compensation for the original complaint! And hope to god that it is all booked and will actually happen.  I would like written confirmation from you or the Director that this is all booked and details of company who it is booked with etc…  I would also like my letter of apology from yourself or senior Guest Affairs director not Dawn – as feel she has significantly added to this 3 page essay and second complaint!

Through this whole experience I have never been so shocked and appalled at service levels after an original complaint has been made – its just child’s play really… There are very few companies who would be sent a follow up complaint over how bad their original complaint has been handled! And I believe this should be taken seriously!

So overall what I feel will complete this rather dreadful experience is:

  • Confirmation of the Lounge Access – Already Promised
  • Confirmation of the Chauffeur service – Already Promised
  • Written confirmation that our flights are booked and everything is triple checked.
  • A sincere written apology from the highest Director/Manager possible (I do not consider Dawn as this).  – Already Promised
  • A guarantee that this holiday will go without a hitch (this doesn’t include delays as know they are unavoidable)

Please do not call me until you have read this entire thread, and the first complaint, and if it takes you a few more days than originally planned, just email me to let me know when you can call.  If you need confirmation of any of the emails that have been sent – I have copies of them all.

I sincerely hope that you can be the final step in this process and actually meet my basic expectations of service levels.

A disillusioned David

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