Reality Bites!

When I returned from my first solo trip around the world, I was feeling pretty shit. I mean how to you come back from an incredible experience like that? I gave up everything for the year, which meant no job, no money, no house, and no car. Reality was forcing its way back into my life and as much as I resisted it wasn’t really a choice.

I found that not only was I struggling with my reality, but my emotions were very mixed up. I mean it was great to have my family and friends close, and all the comforts of my family home at my fingertips. But I missed the adventure/thrill and excitement; I missed the solace, the experience, the connections and most of all the surprises.

Ten years on from that trip, and having had countless other trips to the far corners of this beautiful world, I still experience similar emotions. How do I deal with them?

In all honesty it’s usually a collection of elements

  1. Start planning the next holiday/trip (or something else) – This one I have used countless times, and it really does help. I think it’s as you have something to look forward to, a goal as such it gives you that drive and reignites that excitement.
  2. Throw yourself into something – A new hobby or relationship (as long as you’re not in one already!). I find trying something new to be exciting and somewhat relaxing.
  3. Keep yourself busy – make sure you have a packed diary so you don’t find your mind wandering in those quiet moments. This was a general life saver when I returned from my Solo around the world trip, as I was always meeting up with fellow travelers, reflecting and creating new memories.
  4. Write and document – As you know I love to write our Wandering Memories down and share our experiences (hence the blog). This helps me reflect on the experiences we have had, how lucky we are and hopefully gives other insight or provides some help.
  5. Help others – As per the note above, if my blogs and experience can help others with their dreams and experiences I will always be content. I also find helping others plan and succeed is so rewarding – I just have to be sure that I don’t go too far and get too engrossed in their journeys J

I can’t say that this works for everyone, and don’t get me wrong even the Wandering Memory experiences those Wanderlust moments where all I want to do is be on a tropical island somewhere…

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11 thoughts on “Reality Bites!

  1. Hello, back on online after 13 days without, due to inefficiency of the provider. Hope its all over now. So catching up with dozens of emails, etc. saw Reality Bites and, having just watched the 1997 movie REALITY BITES with Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke(which seems to be ageless), thought I should say something. The ache of wanting to travel is still with me even though I’m well over 80 , completely empathise with you. Still, glad I did it all when we lived in a simpler, less frantic world. Enjoy reading your blogs. Might be able to resume my little blog soon.


  2. Exactly how I feel after spending a month in Australia, and missing it even more as I’m writing posts about my trip currently! But I agree, planning the next trip and keeping busy with uni work is key at the moment! Really enjoyed reading this 🙂


  3. Well, it seems as if these feeling lead me towards my lifestyle. Being trapped in a house after a great adventure made me sad and isolated from the world. Who says you can’t combine adventure and work/school?


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