Eye Spy – A Window into the Soul

When I saw this week’s The Daily Post photo challenge – of Eye Spy it got me thinking of our 2009 trip to Southern Africa.

We were privileged enough to witness some of nature’s most beautiful and iconic creatures. Some, I have to admit we got to witness a bit too close for comfort, so close you could see into their eyes.


However we also got to witness some more animals we did not automatically associate with Africa.

They say that eyes are a window into the soul! I wonder what these amazing creatures were thinking about us at that very moment?

62 thoughts on “Eye Spy – A Window into the Soul

    1. Hi Tara – Thank you very much – it automatically came to me the second I saw the post – thought it maybe a bit obvious – but then relooked at the imagery and it resonated with me… Thank you so much for the visit and comment. Please come back soon

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    1. Hi Vonita, We did a trip for a month from Cape Town to Namibia, Bostwana, Zambia and Zimbabwe and ending up in joburg for Christmas – all the shots are taken from that trip. We recently returned to do Swaziland and Mozambique too. I absolutely LOVE africa its such an incredible place to visit – Have you been?

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      1. I am South African by birth, left when I was 33, have been to Lesotho for a day (so beautiful there), and Zimbabwe as well. Never been to the others you mention. I grew up in Johannesburg, but my mother and grandparents were from Cape Town so we used to go there relatively often! I’m in Sydney now. šŸ™‚

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    1. Ah it was magical… That’s the only word I can use. We got to chobe Kruger and etosha 3 very special national parks in Africa… So many more photos to share… Stay in touch and I’ll be blogging them periodically


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