City of Islands – Stockholm

We recently had the pleasure of visiting a European city I didn’t know much about. That city is the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Having previously visited Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Helsinki, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them – we had high hopes for Stockholm. I am pleased to say it didn’t disappoint. We only had a couple of hours here, but it was such a beautiful city. I fell in love with it instantly.

Firstly the city is located on a number of islands, all connected by a series of bridges. This makes it very photogenic, with the contrast of the Baltic sea and the brightly coloured nordic houses. It really is another city that immediately appeals to the photographer in me.


Our first stop was at the historic Vasa museum, for those that don’t know the Vasa is a 17th century swedish war galleon. Its incredible to witness a ship of this age in such good condition. The quick story behind it was that on its maiden voyage before leaving the harbour due to being unequally weighted. It then sat in the silt on the bottom of the channel before being resurrected in the 20th century (the silt kept it in very good condition). The museum is one of Stockholms claims to fame and very much deserved.



The crowning glory of Stockholms marvel is that of the Old Town also known as Gamla Stan. It is a stunning well preserved medieval township, literally a beautiful labyrinth of cobbled streets, alleyways and traditional seventeenth century architecture. Housing a whole host of restaurants, brasseries, taverns, sweet shops and independent shops, it’s truly like stepping back in time. There is nothing like stepping into a Swedish brasserie for traditional meatballs on a rainy day.





The Old Town also plays host to the royal palace, where if lucky you can see the Swedish changing of the guard.


We also had a great experience walking by the water, and just soaking up the ambience of the city. It’s the small things that really add up in these kind of places – just glorious to wander and soak up the feel of the city.


We had been advised of other attractions such as the family theme parks, harbour boat trips and a rooftop walk that are suppose to be well worth a visit. But in all honesty I absolutely loved our fleeting visit to Stockholm and I wouldn’t have any hesitation over visiting again for longer visit next time.



11 thoughts on “City of Islands – Stockholm

  1. Great pictures! I want to head that way soon… I have also visited Reykjavik (twice) and Copenhagen last year… Would love to see what Stockholm has to offer!
    Scandinavia puts me off slightly because it’s so expensive, but it just means I have to save up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes we have done Iceland, denmark, Helsinki and Stockholm now and love Scandenavia… would like to explore the north a tad more next time around. It can be expensive but if you are savy you can do it cheaper… Thanks for the comment


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