Latin American Vibrance

This week’s photo challenge revolves around the subject of Vibrant

In my mind the word vibrant is synonymous with colour… and there is one part of the world we have visited that just screams colour – Latin America

There are so many aspects we could choose to share, with photographs ranging from, animals, buildings, people but to be original – how about the busses?



The legendary chicken buses are incredible to see, each having its own identity and colourful exterior. There are readily available throughout Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

A vibrant addition to a vibrant culture.

26 thoughts on “Latin American Vibrance

  1. Thats was a great choise, to show the busses. I think we need this tradition up here in the north were I live. We lack of colours through out the winter seasons. Really nice photos.

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    1. Thanks Lena. I just thought it would be a bit different to sunsets, animals and buildings which were my original thoughts. I love the buses they are old and uncomfortable but such fun to experience. Plus the individual designs are just fantastic

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      1. That’s a trip I would love to have the courage to do one day. It’s a bit difficult in this current climate unfortunately. I hope one day that we can all put aside our differences and enjoy this world to its fullest

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  2. The busses are one of the many unique things you can find in Central America. And ‘vibrance’ is such an accurate term to describe the feel of this place. Currently living in Honduras, and I’ve much enjoyed your sections on C.A. You truly live the dream!

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      1. Awesome! I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m actually headed to Antigua in a few weeks!

        Honduras is best described as a beautiful disaster. It’s rich in color, culture, and incredible food! And it has some incredible destinations! But it’s wrecked with poverty, corruption and violence. I’m obsessed with it and absolutely love it, but it can be a very tough place to live..

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      2. Yes, Roatan and Copan are certainly some of Honduras’s gems! Just had a peek on Antigua, and I’m all the more excited to go. I love colonial towns and the volcanoes! What a plus!

        I’m here working in the capital’s main public hospital. I’m entering med school in the US. Since I can’t do much yet, I’m just here learning and writing about my experiences for people who have never experienced third world countries or third world medicine.

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      3. Amazing… What an amazing experience and good for you so worthwhile. We went through the capital but were told not to move from our hotel due to security. Was definitely a bit scarey and we hear so many things about how bad Honduras is… I will share some of our stories soon. Keep in touch and if you need any travel advice feel free to drop is an email


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