Time and Opportunity

Time waits for no one…

  • Stand still for too long and you could miss out!
  • Don’t pay attention and you could miss out!

Miss out on what? Well…

  • the adventure,
  • the experience,
  • and of course the memories.

Essentially A Wandering Memory is simply a segment of personal time.

Don’t waste the time you have… Take every opportunity that comes your way…



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18 thoughts on “Time and Opportunity

      1. There are always places I’d like to go. Whether we get there or not is another matter. 🙂 Depends on hubby’s work, the kids schooling etc. Would love to get to the Red Centre mid year, but we’ll see. And you?

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      2. Ah I love the red of Australia. I occasionally long for it… Was lucky last year as got to the west coast but always remember those nights in swag bags by Uluru. Gorgeous! We have Malta, santorini and a road to trip to bruge and Amsterdam coming up then we may do Mauritius or Croatia in September depending on finances…

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      3. Wow, that sounds absolutely fantastic. For the moment we’re enjoying the odd weekend away in our new camper, which I love, but I have to say some overseas trips would be awesome. Just need to win tattslotto first …

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  1. What a beautiful post! I found your blog via a meet and greet that I recently hosted and asked bloggers to recommend a blog in addition to their own. Yours was recommended by Miriam and I’m glad she led me this way. I OK forward to reading more and having your posts fill my reader.

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    1. Hi Niki. I am so happy you like it. And Miriam is an amazing blogger herself so I am honoured she recommended it. Please feel free to share posts and the blog itself, I thrive on feedback and hope that inspire travelers and those interested in traveling. I usually post 2 posts a week plus the photo entry so feel free to follow and comment. If there is anything in particular you would like me to blog about feel free to ask. I have 53 countries under my belt so far

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      1. That sounds like a great idea! Oh it doesn’t take much to inspire me, I have wanderlust coursing through my veins. From my first trip to Italy at 7 I was hooked on visiting different countries, seeing the beauty of nature, experiencing different cultures, foods and seeing places as the locals do not tucked in my hotel bed. I’m originally from Madrid, but have spent half of my life overseas (Spain and Germany) and the other half in the States. I’m currently back overseas and looking forward to travelling with my family as soon as possible.


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