Seasonal Danger and Collapse

Seasons are all about change.

Change can be exciting or daunting depending on the circumstances. In some of the worlds harshest climates it can also be extremely dangerous.

The seasonal change from Winter to Spring in the Canadian Rockies can be one of those times.

Our experience with change is a moment I will never forget… Hiking into the Plain of Six Glaciers, we witnessed mother nature at her rawest. An avalanche no more than a mile in front of us. The ground shook and the ice cracked – it’s a sound I will never forget. We missed capturing the event as it came out of the blue, however some of our friends caught the same location on film!

Canada 044

This was an intoxicating moment in our lives, and we were so very lucky that we weren’t nearer to the cascading ice.

As a metaphor I see this his seasonal change as representing the human character. As we take so much on in life – be it financial, emotional or physical commitments, sometimes we overload ourselves and cracks start to form…The more and more we load on ourselves the more dangerous it becomes – until …. a collapse!


15 thoughts on “Seasonal Danger and Collapse

      1. I’ve been there many times, though not recently. My mother grew up near there. Her cousin’s grandfather was the first European to see Lake Louise, when he was scouting for the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s. I have never seen any avalanche activity there, however.

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      2. Wow that’s a piece of history right there! It’s an amazing place with such eclectic beauty in the seasons. The avalanche really gave us a fright as you hear the ice cracking first then just a sound that is indescribable.

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      3. I live in suburban Detroit, across the river from the “Banana Belt” of Canada- aka Windsor, Ontario. Pt Pelee National Park is nearby. It’s the southernmost point of Canada and is very pretty.

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