Experience Bucketlist – part 2

Following on from yesterdays initial post and in celebration of us reaching our 1st year anniversary, here is part two of A Wandering Memory’s experience Bucketlist.

  • Experiencing a Supersonic Jet

The decommissioning of Concorde in 2003 had little effect on us at the time, however that decision has plagued us ever since. Being a part of such a ground breaking technological advancement would have been an experience to harness and savour. Although Concorde was an expensive luxury, it did represent a realistic dream goal. In order to achieve experiencing a supersonic jet in today’s market, there are only a handful of options that I am aware of. One based in Cape Town and the other in Izhny Novgorod (near Moscow) whereby £8-20K will buy you a one in a lifetime Supersonic jet experience – such as the legendary MIG-29, Hawker Hunter T-8 or English Electric Lightning T-5. Who said money can’t make you happy?


  • Experiencing a glimpse of Asia’s endangered Predator

The experience of witnessing an iconic animal in its own habitat is an experience to be savoured. Our memories of walking and camping in the African plains are ones that we will never forget – they encompass the true essence of A Wandering Memory. We have been fortunate to witness Lions, Hippos, Cheetahs, Elephants and many other iconic animals in their native homes.  The majestic Tiger however resides in areas we have yet to explore (India, Sri Lanka and Siberia), and is a rare, endangered species. Being lucky enough to come across one in its native land would be a huge thrill.


  • Cruising the South Pacific

The Pacific ocean comprises of a staggering number of individual islands, some statistics document as in excess of 20,000. This number includes some of the world’s most recognised tourist hotspots such as Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand & the Philippines. However the Southern Pacific islands are much smaller in nature and some consist of a staggering amount of island nations. We have had a taste of the Southern Pacific beauty and have witnessed its intoxicity for ourselves (French Polynesia and Fiji). Embracing the opportunity to spend time exploring the more remote nations of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, the Pitcairn Islands, Niue and the Cook Islands would be a dream come true. It’s the nearest thing to paradise we have witnessed in all of our travels. Words do not do these islands justice – they are simply indescribable… 

Featured Image -- 579

 To be continued…

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