Experience Bucketlist – part 3

Following on from A Wandering Memories Bucketlist series (part 1/part 2) over this week and in celebration of us reaching our 1st year anniversary, here is part three of A Wandering Memory’s experience Bucketlist.

  • Walking with the Emperor Penguins

An International flight to Buenos Aires or Santiago, followed by an additional internal flight, boat ride or coach journey gets you to Ushuaia. This is then followed by a 3-5 day cruise through some of the roughest seas on the planet and you’re in the world’s least visited continent. Antarctica is a barren wasteland of ice and snow. No scenery on earth is supposed to compare to the landscape of pure cold & ice. Its inhabitants are some of the most iconic and best-loved creatures in the world, the Emperor Penguin. Renowned for their curiosity and collective culture, having the opportunity to experience a rookery in the wild would be a true experience worth the long journey and 10K price tag.

14130701743_48be42d9f8_bphoto credit: Emperors via photopin (license)

  • Auschwitz

Throughout history mankind has been responsible for an array of indescribable horrors. Memorials, museums and symbols exist throughout the world in nearly every country, in order to commemorate the tremendous loss of live,during such events. The Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz still stands in its original location and serves as not only a memorial but a living museum. Auschwitz is amongst the most notorious, barbaric and inhumane locations of all time, a place that housed indescribable acts of torture and the death toll of millions. Auschwitz is different to the battlefields & towns that have experienced the sorrow of war, it is however a place of constructed, calculated evil. Auschwitz is a piece of human history that should never be forgotten and stand as a symbol to never be repeated. Having visited many memorials around the world, the haunting sensation can be very liberating and thought-provoking. As a unique environment, we believe that experience within Auschwitz would be magnified. Visiting is not about enjoyment, but a desire to further understand the incomprehensible.

11353822224_80949e2719_bphoto credit: Grass watered with blood via photopin (license)

  • Kayaking amongst Icebergs

Influences are interwoven into our society, sometimes we don’t even realise that we are being influenced. The essence of A Wandering Memory is to share experiences, not necessarily influence decisions. However whilst blogging we soon discovered that we ourselves were being influenced by fellow bloggers. None so much as Ellen, who runs an incredible travel blog herself and recently posted exactly this experience. Her post and imagery is so incredible it has made my list – all I can say is read it for yourself here

Image courtesy of wwellend on http://www.travellingtheworldsolo.com

To be continued…

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8 thoughts on “Experience Bucketlist – part 3

  1. I feel like i have seen your name in many places and assumed i was already following. I wasnt! Cant believe it. Love your blog. Well done on establishing yourself so well in only a year! huge congrats!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re welcome! The first year was fantastic growth wise. It has slowed down since then but i do blame that on having less time to invest into it. Hope to get it up and running again!


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