Tranquil but Inspiring – Supetar, Croatia

We are self-confessed experience junkies and as such we love exploring when on holiday. The only downside to that is that we get so excited about exploring we sometimes forget to stop for a few days and relax. As such we decided that our next trip we would find some time to do exactly that – sit back and relax.

Therefore we booked seven nights on the sleepy island of Brac in Croatia, hoping to get the balance we needed.

The beautiful island of Brac is one of the largest Croatian islands and lies just fifty minutes ferry ride from Split. It’s main port is the town of Supetar, which the Lonely Planet describes as ”not a great beauty – it feels more like a transit town than a living place in itself”. We couldn’t disagree more, having based ourselves there for seven days. Supetar possesses an old world feel, with a number of cobbled streets, coastal paths, boardwalk restaurants and pebbly beaches. It’s quaint and quiet – exactly what we wanted.



The town itself springs to life throughout the day when the ferry arrives, with commuters arriving and departing every couple of hours. However this never made the town feel too busy, it just added a buzzing feeling around the little markets and seafront restaurants.

Spending more time in Supetar we actually became very fond of the coastal pathways and the hidden coves & beaches. It is a location a little off the beaten track where you can really do as much or as little as you would like. Our favourite part of the town itself was the eastern edge where the resort coastal pathways lead to perfectly still clear bays, perfect for swimming. The coast all around this ‘transit’ town is crystal clear, reminiscent of the Caribbean coastline – it’s incredible (what a find!).



We stayed at Waterman’s Village, a recently revamped campsite on the outskirts of Supetar. In all honesty it was an absolute gem of a find, with all the modern conveniences you would need. Revamped to cater for couples & families, modernised mobile homes dominate the lower part of the camp. These homes are divided into two comfortable bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen/lounge, easily capable of comfortably housing four to five people. The camp also houses a restaurant, two pools, mini golf, table tennis and a private beach, with a Lidl shop not five minutes walk away.

The campsite is also linked to the Waterman Svpetrvs resort which has a huge range of amenities on the other side of Supetar you can also make use of. Our favourite part was the private beach, although a very small, it was the perfect hideaway for some incredible sunsets. If the wind picks up the crystal clear water turns slightly wavy however on a clear still day the tranquility is astonishing.


The Lonely Planet was however right, in that Supetar is the hub for transport around the island, and as such it acted perfectly as a base for the days when we wanted to explore a little more.

This was our first visit to Croatia and we completely fell in love with it. Supetar and Watermans Village were big parts of that feeling, as they fulfilled every element of relaxation, comfort and tranquility we needed. On top of this, they acted as incredible bases for further exploration.

We will be blogging a lot more on Croatia shortly including the island of Brac – so stay tuned.



13 thoughts on “Tranquil but Inspiring – Supetar, Croatia

  1. Wow!! I loved this post. Your writing is very descriptive, and your pictures are fantastic. I love to travel as well, but have never considered Croatia. I think I will now consider it. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Thank you for sharing.

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      1. Hello. No, I haven’t had a chance to read more posts yet. I am working on one of my own today (about Chamonix, France), then will have more time. I have recently spent time in San Diego, the Sunshine Coast in Canada, and France. I am not sure what the next venture will be yet.

        Liked by 1 person

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