Doorstep of Nature – Woburn

We live in a beautiful part of the English countryside just outside of London, which many overlook when on a trip to the iconic capital of England. We have natural forests, lakes, moors, rolling hills and many historic stately homes, all within fifteen minutes drive from our family home. It’s astonishing.

Living so close to so many eclectic landscapes we sometimes take it for granted and daily pass areas of natural beauty without looking twice. One such town/village not 10 miles from here is called Woburn. Famous for an historic abbey, of which the 3,000 acre grounds are both publicly and privately accessible.

The public side to these grounds is inclusive of one of the largest private conservation parks in all of Europe. This beautiful park is also home to nine species of wild deer.


Established in the seventeenth century the park is a stunning example of traditional English countryside. A simple drive through the park almost guarantees a sighting of one or two of the herds of deer that litter the landscape.

On a beautiful sunny day the park is a photographers dream!


Next time you’re in London – why not come out to see this marvel for yourself?



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