Bol – Croatia

As previously blogged we completely fell in love with Croatia and the island of Brac. Setting up a base in Supetar, we hired a car to enable us to visit the entire island. Access to this small town is via a road that descends from the high centre to the coastline, it’s a beautiful drive well worth the effort.

Brac’s biggest draw lies on the southern coast in the picturesque town of Bol, a forty minute drive from Supetar. The town is much prettier than Supetar, and reminded us of a Cornish village set up against the coastline. A number of small boutique shops, marketplaces and restaurants line the coastline and add to the quaint cobbled streets and beautiful crystal sea. Stopping in one of the many restaurants for some delicious local seafood is a must.



A two kilometre walk along the coastline leads to Bol’s crowning glory and one of Croatias most famous landmarks, the peninsula beach of Zlatni Rat. The walk itself is a beautiful flat coast line walk, bypassing a number of coves and smaller beaches. You can see Zlatni Rat from a distance, however it doesn’t come into its own until you get closer.

Zlatni Rat stretches out into the Adriatic that separates Brac from Hvar and draws in huge crowds daily. The view from the on high is iconic, whereby the white stones that make up the beach appear as beautiful as any sand beach.

Goldenes Horn - Golden Cape 02
photo credit: Goldenes Horn – Golden Cape 02 via photopin (license)

We made sure we visited first thing in the morning whereby there was no crowds and the water was crystal. This was the best experience we had of the beach, as later in the day the amenities take a hold with sun lingers and tourists galore. Walking the pebbles so early is a peaceful and tranquil experience. The water is simply stunning, so unbelievably clear, it is reminiscent of a paradise lagoon of sorts.






The wind usually builds in the afternoon and although the water warms, taking a dip is a very refreshing experience. The afternoon wind also provides the perfect conditions for the islands kite boarders who take advantage most afternoons.

Bol stands alone as Brac’s tourist hot-spot, however there are many other towns that are just as quaint and picturesque. The only difference between lesser known Brac towns and Bol is the beach, which dawns 90% of Croatia’s tourists posters.

What we can attest to is that Croatia is a true beauty and we look forward to exploring a lot more.

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14 thoughts on “Bol – Croatia

      1. Yes actually! I am not sure when because I am still looking at prices. It is expensive to get off of the island where I live. But I know that Game of Thrones is filmed there a bit and I would like to see some of those place also! So it is on my list πŸ™‚


    1. Hi natalyadrian unfortunately we returned a couple of weeks back but I am listing to return. We did Brac split the waterfalls and drove to Mostar and Dubrovnik. What’s your favourite place there? Always good to get some local knowledge


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