What’s your favourite?

Being a passionate traveller and having travelled to fifty nine countries worldwide we are consistently asked

What’s your favourite?

This is the worst question to ask a true traveller, as deciding is near on impossible. Each country holds something special, unique Wandering Memories influenced by the personal experience.

My standard response is… ‘I can’t decide that, it’s like asking a film critic what their favorite movie is or a music fan whose their favourite band?’

Well for the first time I will document down a number of our favourite Wandering Memory locations…

  • South Africa – Having visited this incredible country four times thus far, we still long to return. South Africa has a turbulent past, with racial inequality at the heart of many issues still plaguing the country. However this has not impacted our love for the country that contains some of the most incredible landscapes on earth. It’s visually compelling and simply awe-inspiring. South Africa also boasts one of Africa’s largest nature reserves in the iconic Kruger National park. Although there are hundreds of national parks all over Africa, Kruger is something special where we have been lucky to witness some of the most incredible creatures on earth on the wild. The country also contains the wonder that is Cape Town, a city shaped for the western world and playground of the elite. It’s positioning and surroundings are like no other city we have visited.

If you are further interested in Southern Africa we have further blogs here, or get in touch here.

  • French Polynesia – A collection of islands in the South Pacific are wonders like no other, the closest thing to paradise on earth we have ever witnessed. The jewel in the crown is the iconic utopia of Bora Bora. A lush green mountain island surrounded by calm turquoise seas and intoxicating crystal water. Beaches of white sand, over the sea bungalows and the most inspiring colour contrasts of anywhere we have been. It’s virtually impossible to shy away from the inspiration of island. French Polynesia comprises of 118 different islands with some of the lesser known remote islands proving that seclusion can sometimes be more special than hotspots.

If you are further interested in French Polynesia we have further blogs here, or get in touch here.

  • Guatemala – is a country many are shocked to hear features, but the underdeveloped Central American country is a wonder and a true gem. It houses one of the most incredible Mayan relics in the form of the lost city of Tikal and one of the most picturesque towns we have ever witnessed in Antigua. Knowing nothing about the country we were captivated by its locals, intoxicated by its culture and generally inspired by its landscapes. Its true beauty is probably due to its mediocre tourism industry.

If you are further interested in Guatemala we have further blogs here, or get in touch here.

  • Croatia – A recent addition to our thoughts, in that we only returned from the country two months ago. Croatia was a complete surprise, a country so recently engrossed in tragedy is now full of wonder. Hundreds of Mediterranean islands, medieval castles, stunning national parks & world competing beach fronts all coupled with a very welcoming culture makes Croatia hard to resist.

If you are further interested in Croatia we have further blogs here, or get in touch here.

  • Canada – We have been privileged to know Canada as a tourist but also a temporary resident, being that in 2010 we laid roots there for over a year. It is another example of awe-inspiring landscapes ranging from the forests of the east to the mountains of the west and the flatlands’ in the centre. Canada is a country of extremes, extreme weather, extreme seclusion, extreme nature and extreme size. There are not many countries that offer such an eclectic range of experiences and sights. The scenery is also just sublime with rolling mountains and vast wilderness forests, prairies, mountains and even glaciers littering this enormous country. One of my all-time favourites is the small town of Tofino on Vancouver Island where the wilderness meets the ocean. Some of my favourite Wandering Memories are from this town, including seeing wild bears, humpback whales, beach sunsets and fish BBQ’s – Incredible!

If you are further interested in Canada we have further blogs here, or get in touch here.

  • Japan – Japan was never a country that was at the forefront of my wish list when younger. However it was Megan’s choice and what a choice it was. Japan is a cultural delicacy offering a range of experiences so intriguing and varied. Immediate visions of Japan seem to revolve around its iconic capital Tokyo, a technological superior city, with high-rises and business galore. Although this is true, there is so much more to Japan than the singular city. The small towns of Miyajima, Kyoto, Nara and Nikko are all culturally significant, while Nagasaki and Hiroshima provide history so emotional it could leave you contemplating why?. Japan also offers an eclectic range of landscapes from volcanoes, Island resorts, ancient forests and also experiences capsule hotels, bullet train rides and sumo competitions. Throughout the country one thing rung true, the people and culture is very much intertwined, we found the Japanese to be the perfect hosts friendly and very respectful.

If you are further interested in Japan we have further blogs here, or get in touch here.

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