Isolation – Angel Falls, Venezuela

A quick blast from the past, this post is from our first trip as a couple. Where did I decide to take my then girlfriend? None other than Venezuela to see the highest waterfall in the world – #AngelFalls. I hope you enjoy the journey…

A Wandering Memory

A lot of the countries I have visited are renowned tourist hotspots, and it is proving more and more challenging to find a travel location if both safe and not overly touristy. One such location that fascinated me for years is Caniama National Park in the heart of the Venezuela. What am I saying, it’s not safe at all, but it had captivated my imagination from an early age. The reason behind this, was because it is home to the world’s highest waterfall – Angel Falls


Angel Falls stands at 979 m (3,212 ft), and is definitely classified as ‘off the beaten track’ as it is located in the middle of an isolated jungle.

Getting there is definitely complicated as there are no roads that lead to this spectacular location. If starting in Caracas (the capital) it’s a LONG bus journey to Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolívar, where you will…

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