Differential London – Part 2

We hoped you enjoyed part 1 of our series of differential London. We continue our look at areas of the city that are not necessarily included in many tourists itineraries, but should be.

Heading into the very fashionable Eastend now, the first Location we would recommend is Spitalfields Market. A short walk from Liverpool Street, this market has the ability to capture the minds of all visitors. In recent years this old-fashioned market has risen in fame and in now a very trendy london location. The Markets offer everything from fashion, art, food and jewelry to name a few. Although not as alternative as its London counterpart in Camden, Spitalfields can easily ween time away from even the most avid shopper.

photo credit: Lamb Street, Spitalfields via photopin (license)

Staying in the Eastend, the Londoners secret of Brick lane is definitely out. Many wouldn’t consider coming this far out of the Westend for food or drinks on a night out however it is definitely worth the trip. Brick Lane is full of street art, dive bars and of course the legendary  curry houses. You will not find a better Indian curry than in this road in London. It is also well-known for its nightclub scene which we haven’t experienced ourselves but have heard very good things.

photo credit: Kutum Bari Restaurant, ‘Banglatown’, Brick Lane, East London via photopin (license)

Talking about evening’s entertainment, we have experienced a lot of London’s big night clubs, trendy pubs and eclectic waterholes. In recent years however the onus has moved from the diverse Soho to the trendy Shoreditch. Shoreditch has gone through regeneration recently and everywhere you look there is a new trendy bar or cliché restaurant appearing. Last time we visited we ended up in a pop up restaurant/restaurant on top of a railway station! A definite highlight for a few drinks on any night out!

photo credit: London street art via photopin (license)

A few more to go in part 3 coming soon! If you want to hear more about any of these locations please feel free to contact us or comment below.

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