Untold Beauty – Australia

We have been recently watching a US TV Series called Wolf Creek, based on the film of the same name and loosely based on horrific real life events. We don’t want to dwell on the subject matter, but what we were really impressed with was the cinematography. The landscape captured during the filming is simply sublime.

These landscapes are not that of the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach or the Golden coastline but Australia’s untold beauty – the Outback. The Outback stretches through nearly every state in Australia, however is mostly known in the Northern Territory & Northern Western Australia. It’s incredible to think that 90% of Australia is uninhabited.

The Outback is ever overlooked due to its inhabitable vastness and inhospitable weather. Temperatures have been known to reach 50+ degrees centigrade, which is simply unlivable. It’s eclectic landscapes include sandy deserts, rocky deserts, scrubland, rocky outcrops and even salt wastelands. As such it is often renowned as empty, lonely and desolate, however we actually found it captivating, beautiful and inspiring.

The Outback has no commerciality, it is vast, colourful and simply unlike any other landscape we have witnessed. The colours are vivid, the wildlife eclectic and you really could lose yourself forever in the barren wilderness.








Thank you Wolf Creek the TV show for reminding me that such beauty still exists – We would recommend a trip to anyone who appreciates silence and beauty..

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6 thoughts on “Untold Beauty – Australia

  1. Reminds me of a book I recently read that you might enjoy – “The Dig Tree” by Sarah Murgatroyd, which is a true story about the outback from the late 1800’s. Inspired me to want to visit and so does your post. Definitely couldn’t stand 50 degrees though.

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