Standing in the footsteps of Heroes

In honour of remembrance day – I wanted to reblog our experience of visiting the Somme earlier this year. It was a true honour to stand in the footsteps of so many heroes who fought for our freedom and some who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Today we honour those who fought for peace and have faith that one day we will unite and no longer subject any human to the horror that is war. Today is a day of contemplation, remembrance and understanding.

A Wandering Memory

Whilst driving to Europe a few months back, we had planned on visiting the Belgian city of Brussels. However as previously blogged it was literally days after the monstrous attacks that rocked us all, therefore we had to adjust our route. This meant spending our final day’s holiday across the border in France.


We stayed close to the city of Lille, however when exploring we soon ran out of ideas. Out of nowhere we suddenly realised where we were. We were literally a few miles away from the French border with Belgium, one of the most historically significant locations for both World War One and Two.

After a little research we soon found out that we were only an hour away from one of the most notorious battles of all time – The Battle of the Somme. We remembered snippets of it from our schooling as the turning point of the…

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5 thoughts on “Standing in the footsteps of Heroes

    1. I think that trip truly opened my eyes to the events that commemorate the first world war. It seems so long ago now, however if we do not take the time to teach our children and remember our past mistakes it could all happen again and again. Those who fell also should not be forgotten – without their sacrifice we wouldn’t be the same today!

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