Essential Australia – Broome

Following on from our essential australia series we wanted to concentrate on some of A Wandering Memory favourites. This one would be about Broome.

I am not sure what possessed me to travel to Broome whilst living in Australia – it’s so far removed from the majority of tourist locations within the country.

Whilst in Darwin I was running low on funds, and whilst I wanted to make it to the west, I had to give something up. That something was unfortunately the Kimberley which at the time I really didn’t have the ambition for after travelling through the Red Centre. What I wanted was a beach, and rumour had it Broome had one of these.

So it was a Jetstar flight over to the small isolated town that only had a small hut for an arrivals airport. I was instantly hooked! Anywhere which only has a hut for an airport is my kind of place! I set up shop out-of-town in a hostel just back from the beach. That beach soon became the focal point of the majority of the days, long hot and humid days where there was very little to do but relax and reflect. Cable beach is a huge under commercialised stretch of gorgeous white sand which seemed to stretch into the distance forever.

I already had an amazing ten months travelling, I had met some incredible people, I had lifelong memory experiences and most of all I had found myself. I know that sounds funny, but it was true. I found out who I wanted to be and I was enjoying being that person. Broome to me was incredibly spiritual, walking along Cable beach at night was liberating and inspiring – there was just no their place like it.


I was completely content and at peace – days were spent reading, writing and chilling by the pool/beach, while the evening were crazy parties and bbq’s. The weather was dramatic, as storms appeared from nowhere and would pelt down rain for hours followed by extreme sunshine – it was unpredictable and I loved it. Nothing could touch as here and nothing was as intoxicating as the serenity of the day and the enjoyment of the evening.




We did explore the town which was in itself was as inspiring as it was backwards as it was quaint. I am not sure how it is now, but a town with such beautiful serenity being so under commercialised is a rare find in this world!

As if it couldn’t get any better, we hired a car and drove north on unpaved wilderness roads not knowing what fate would have in store for us. Well we found the most beautiful beach and crystal clear water I had ever seen. It was something out of a movie scene – Beauty beyond words.




Broome left me feeling inspired and somewhat healed from the epic journey through the red centre. I was ready for the next adventure – ready to take on the world – Ready for more A Wandering Memory’s.

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