Working Abroad – The Options

As many of you know when I was younger my only ambition was to move to America. I was intoxicated by the ‘American dream’ and somewhat blinded by it also. With this in mind I took a University course especially to live my dream which was one of the best decisions I had ever made (maybe not academically but definitely was personally). What I got was a glimpse of living abroad and I loved it.


Since I have officially lived/worked in the USA, Australia, Canada and Germany (I also occasionally include Panama as had an apartment for a number of weeks).

Many people ask me how? Well here are the options

Working Holiday Visas – As a UK citizen you can apply for a number of working visas across the world, countries which offer these include Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa  and many south American countries. It is usually a reciprocal agreement between the countries to bring in educated or skilled workers to work while experiencing the country in question.


Unfortunately these visas usually have some sort of age & time limit. Be it under 30 years old and a year’s visa or younger than 26 and 2 years with supplementary conditions such as you cannot work for one employer more than 6 months?  It can get a little complicated, however is worth the investment.

Get transferred – If you are lucky enough to already work for a multinational company with offices abroad there is always the option to inquire about working abroad. Some companies appreciate the requirements of their staff and are happy to help, however you must have proved yourself worthy first. This option allows you to pass all of the visa requirements onto the company and automatically takes away the need to find a job whilst there. If you are really lucky they may even help with Travel arrangements and accommodation! That’s the dream route…

Get sponsored – Larger companies sometimes have the ability to sponsor a person from another country to work for them. Essentially this means that you have to match a set of requirements and specific skills the company is looking for.  The company will then pay the government a substantial amount of money for you to be allowed to work abroad. There are also third-party agencies that offer this facility along more research is probably required in this field.


Immigrate – The final and most final option is to start an immigration process. This is a huge step as essentially you are preparing to move from your country on a permanent basis (become a resident of the country you are going to). Complexities around this can include green cards, tax implications, securing permanent work prior to arrival and many more.


Unfortunately most of these options are a lot harder than you think, however if you dedicate yourself to it – great things can happen.

We have only used Working holiday visas but have friends who have been sponsored and emigrated so if you have any questions feel free to send them our way.


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