Lonely Planet Guidebooks

We always like to know a little about a place before we visit.

Between us we read blogs, reviews, guides and the occasional magazine. We also reach out for recommendations on social media or within my group of friends. Our decision on where to go is usually determined by a number of these combined.

However, we do have a tradition that started when I first decided to travel the world. Upon booking an adventure to an unfamiliar country we always purchase a lonely planet guide-book. My first was the China addition and it came in so useful I don’t leave the UK without one.


I know it sounds a little ridiculous in this day and age as we could always use the internet to find what we need, or even download the information onto a kindle or tablet. However, having that book beside me has really added to our adventures on a number of occasions.

Personally we also try to keep away from the internet while we are away, as the experience is ever magnified when you’re not consistently in front of a screen. It also reminds me a little of work, and not having constant Wi-Fi or 4G is sometimes a relief.

The books we have bought have given us a huge number of ideas, recommendations and sometimes are responsible for some of our finest adventures. It’s amazing how much you can miss in a place if you don’t do your research properly. Don’t get me wrong though, they can be heavy and sometimes the recommendations either are not too taste or a little outdated. Personally we would rather have that resource than not…

We have reviewed other similar selections (rough guides, time out, Michelin, AA) but always like the layout and ease of use of the Lonely Planet books. The budget guide also comes in very handy when backpacking – but it is personal preference I suppose.

If you have any questions about the books or if they are worthwhile, please get in touch at Travel@awanderingmemory.com



6 thoughts on “Lonely Planet Guidebooks

    1. Ah Ang I am sorry you are disappointed. It does have a few benefits… the volcano being one bit it is Hawaii and so lusted over that we just expected more. Maui was a lot nicer, but it all depends on what you are after really. Hope you had a great Xmas


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