A Wandering Memory 2016

For all of you who have been following A Wandering Memory for a while now, will remember that our 2015 wasn’t great. So we weren’t sure how 2016 would unfold.

As such 2016 has been a very strange year.

The world has faced a new wave of terror, the death of an array of icons, the rise of populism and our fears realised when Britain decided to leave the EU and America elected a showman to lead the world’s most powerful nation! It’s all a little unbelievable…

However on a lighter note 2016 for us personally has been sensational.

We have visited eleven countries, seven being new additions to the A Wandering Memory collection.

Although we haven’t gone as far afield as we usually do, we have had good reason which was the pending arrival of our son. Who has now joined us and is a wonder

However that didn’t mean we haven’t had some phenomenal adventures and experiences closer to home.

A Wandering Memory also hit the country number of 60 this year and now sit pretty at 63, not too bad for an average couple from the UK countryside.

A Wandering Memory has now been running for 18 months, with over 9K users and nearly 4K followers. We are so happy to be able to share our journey with you all and really appreciate your dedication, comments and views. We will continue to post our stories, memories, photos and insight. With the aim to inspire and share…

Thank you so much for the continued support – we hope you all had an amazing Christmas, have an inspirational New Year and here’s to an adventurous 2017.

It all just proves that if you love something enough there is no stopping you…

12 thoughts on “A Wandering Memory 2016

  1. Beautiful post David, it’s been such a pleasure following you this year. Such beautiful photos of the places you’ve visited however
    I’m sure you’ve already got just as many of your new precious baby boy. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead with many more special memories just waiting to be made. xo

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    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s been a huge pleasure speaking to you this year. You have made a lot of the posts worthwhile and I really appreciate it. I’ll send you a few snaps over email this afternoon so you can see him in all his glory. Hope you do t mind but for my last post of the year I’ll be mentioning you. Let me know if that is ok?

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    1. Thank you Nicole. It’s been wonderful so far he is fighting fit and got a good pair of lungs… ha! We are well and had a lovely Xmas how was yours? Hope you don’t mind but my last blog of the year will mention you and have a link to your blog. Let me know if that is ok?

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      1. Great to hear about your son! How old is he now? I remember those sleepless nights but it gets easier each and every month and now that my kids are 10 and 12 I miss it! But each year is special and wonderful! Thank you so much for the mention of my blog! That was so kind of you! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with baby in 2017! Take care!

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      2. Hi Nicole. Of course you have been a huge inspiration and that needs to be shared. Rhys is now 2.5 weeks old and doing well apart from a lot of wind which keeps us and him awake. I am very much looking forward to the adventures we have together as a family and will continue to write even in my sleep deprived state! Heehee


  2. Congradulations on the arrival of your son, good to hear “good” news in light of what has happened this past year. Your son will have memories to last him forever with all the travels he will be joining you on. Happy New Year to you all. Sheila

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