It is named Wanderlust

Initially we were perplexed for the daily-posts photo challenge this week – Names!

At first we thought of the important people in our life and their names, then the people we met travelling, but then it hit us.. It doesn’t need to be about a persons name.

How about the name of something we hold dear to us… a possession or hold on… a feeling

Well this January, I am again fueled with a feeling that has been adequately named Wanderlust. Wanderlust is the name given to ‘a strong desire to explore the world and travel’.

Perfect – that’s what A Wandering Memory is all about…so here is a collection ofย images that we hope will inspire you and your Wanderlust…

Here’s to 2017 and a whole lot of Wanderlusting…

35 thoughts on “It is named Wanderlust

  1. Wanderlust is all I’ve been about over the last few months. It has saturated my entire being. I LOVE IT. I want to travel the world! There are so many beautiful spots in this world, I just want to see them all. Nice post. I look forward to following you. Keep sharing!

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    1. Hi Eric. You are not alone, I have had that feeling for nearly 29 years and have boosted over 60 countries thisfar. Please come see some of the journeys to help fuel your wanderlust and hopefully inspire you to make the trip. and click on follow. If you need any help also with the destinations or hints and tips feel free to contact us. Always happy to help. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to more comments

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      1. Lol, so you’re replying to my comment that I left on your site with a link directing me to that same site that I’m already on? Lol I look forward to following. If you reply to this with a link to the same site I might change my mind though hahaha.

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      2. Hi Eric. Sorry early morning here and I didn’t see a follow notification come through so wasn’t sure. Have to admit though we have a bit of baby brain going on here as welcomed our first to the world on the 15th so still adapting to the sleeping patterns! Ha… I am truly grateful for your engagement and I am glad to see your honest feedback. I look forward to many more. I’ll have a look at your blog as soon as I am able. Have you any trips planned for 2017 yet?

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      3. Don’t apologize and congratulations on your little one! Tokyo was September, Greece was December, and ill be headed to Australia in March! I can’t wait! Hope you’ll follow back! Hopefully we can inspire each other!

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  2. LOVE THE PICTURES! Pictures tell a thousand tale they said. I’m pretty sure it must have been pretty fulfilling. Thanks for sharing. The desire to wanderlust has always been there for me but your pictures reignited that desire. Cheers to many more adventures. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Oh yes! My partner and I are professional nomads, you can check out her page: ganjachronicles, or check out our page: qrovado, for dirt cheap travel packages.. we loooove to travel! My partner lived in Cambodia for five years and now we’re both in Malaysia together, who knows where next! Travel is the best reason to wake up every morning! โค

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