Serene Untouched Ambience

Millions of us crave a beach, some of us even travel simply to experience one.
Beaches incorporate a perception of relaxation, calm, beauty – a human haven.

Most however are manipulated by the world’s increasing capitalistic nature and have lost some of their ambience, becoming more of an attraction than a haven.

A deserted beach is a rarity in the world we live in.

A Wandering Memory have experienced a number of these over the years, but only one true hidden beach. North of Broome in Western Australia lies an unclaimed, unknown and hidden stretch of beach accessible only via small dirt road. At the end of the beach crystal clear warm turquoise waters

This was a special location, full of serenity, tranquility and untouched peaceful Ambience. It was quiet, it was still and in that moment it was all ours. This captured moment was the true meaning of wanderlust and it now lives in our fondest dreams.


16 thoughts on “Serene Untouched Ambience

      1. That’s a great plan. Oh the Windy City. I was there about 8 years ago… was a great city hope one day to take my wife and son there. Was a big bulls fan when younger as most of us in the uk were…


      2. Ah yes, I don’t follow it any longer either as is a sub sport in the uk and very difficult to find to watch. Seen a few hockey games in my time including blackhawks vs canucks when we lived in Canada. Fun sport… it’s funny as we don’t get hockey baseball and very limited NFL also. It’s all about football here… soccer that is


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