Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

A year is a long period of time in the word of Wanderlust

Through a varied mix of media such as the TV, Radio, Movies the Internet and Literature, as a society we are presented with the opportunity to dream like never before. All outlets offer inspiration through the thoughts or journeys of others. Looking at it from that perspective, this range of media actually includes all of us with blogs about travel. As we have the aspiration to share and inspire others to travel, we are essentially an integral part of the Wanderlust concept.

Having already visited over 60 countries, our Wanderlust is varied and doesn’t always concentrate on the same locations each and every year. A such we wanted to share the A Wandering Memory Wanderlust Wishlist 2017.

Patagonia – Included within a number of recent documentaries, the Argentinian/Chilean wilderness is a serene example of natural beauty. The area is sparsely populated and as such retains the majority of its authenticity, giving all visitors the opportunity to experience wilderness in its truest form. Patagonia encompasses a variety of landscapes, including mountains, grasslands, deserts and even glaciers – it is an explorer’s dream..

32171340022_b019763842_bphoto credit: [Alexandre] Fitz traverse via photopin (license) 

A return to French Polynesia is always on the Wishlist – Although very much a pipe dream due to distance and cost, our trip to French Polynesia was one we never forget. It was so idyllic that I felt it was the perfect place to propose to my wife, making it a special place for our family. There really is no place like the island of Bora Bora, it’s simply paradise on earth – turquoise waters that are beyond comprehension.


As many of you know we still lust for Africa and one day hope to explore the central region, with Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda at the peak of our list. The countries have an eclectic range of wildlife experiences, with gorillas, leopards, cheetahs and the wildebeest migration being at the forefront of our desires. Exploring the iconic regions of the Masai Mara, Serengeti and even into the jungle mountains of Uganda would be simply thrilling. There is nothing as inspiring as seeing the natural wonders of the world in their homeland.


Island hopping in any country is an amazing experience, however our honeymoon to Indonesia in 2012 left us gagging for more. We were lucky enough to visit Bali, Lombok, the Gili Islands and Flores, however there are nearly 1,000 inhabited in the region, and nearly 9,000 in total. The archipelago is a wanderer’s paradise, you could completely detach from modern life and become  a true adventurer. Diving the untouched reefs, relaxing on picturesque beaches and visiting local cultures and villages that may have never left that area – it is captivating and a complete dream.


The Himalayan Mountains will always live in our wildest dreams as a Wanderlust Wishlist location. It is immortalized by its highest peak and the trek to the bottom may just be a pipe dream but its a very inspiring one. The beauty and in-hospitality of the region would mean that only the very best, most dedicated travelers would dare venture into the mountains. As with all inhospitable wilderness, our aspiration to explore is undeniable. Maybe a dream maybe not!

photo credit: mikesm IMGP4248 via photopin (license)

Svalbard is an island archipelago belonging to the Scandinavian country of Norway, however it is located much further north, between the mainland and the North Pole. This island is one of the world’s most northern habitats and well into the arctic circle. It is under visited, due to its remote location and really ticks the box for a wilderness dream. Wildlife such as arctic foxes, whales, reindeer and even polar bears reside in the area. With the draw of the northern lights  and some mind-blowing scenery such as glaciers & tundra it is ever-increasing  presence on the Wanderlust Wishlist.

photo credit: Paul Williams http://www.IronAmmonitePhotography.com Arctic Camping.jpg via photopin (license)

We hope you have enjoyed the A Wandering Memories 2017 Wanderlust Wishlist and would love to know what is on yours?

Please find previous posts on our wish lists below.

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