The Kingdom of Graceful

There is very little that is graceful about backpacking or travelling in general, it can be tiring, dirty and sometimes even rough. Even journeys to idyllic places such as the Maldives and Pacific islands can incorporate an air of indignity, although when you arrive you soon forget.

There are only a handful of Wandering Memories where we have witnessed pure Graceful behaviour.

The Russian Ballet in St Petersburg was the nearest example of human grace we have ever witnessed.


However that is still a long way off the true kingdom of graceful which sits with the creatures of the deep. There is something very intoxicating about the graceful creatures hidden  under our shores. While we as humans expend so much energy breathing, swimming and anticipating, just to get a glimpse of this world, the graceful creatures that call it home seem majestic in their travels. Their movements so elegant, their desire so primal, they are the truest example of graceful we have ever encountered – the True kingdom of graceful.



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