A Wandering Memories- Top 20 Beaches

Whilst travelling the world you get to witness some incredible locations full of beauty and wonder. One part of that beauty lies where the ocean meets the land in the form of beaches. Millions of people from around the world travel thousands of miles each year just to visit specific well-known beaches. We have been privileged to witness some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and wanted to share a number of them with you.

20. Brighton Beach – Known as a London’s beach, Brighton is a renowned UK hotspot. The beach itself is not made up of the traditional sand but millions of pebbles. The beach stretches the length of the coast, with a traditional English pier jutting out into the channel. Although not the prettiest beach in the world, we have so many Wandering Memories here it would not be right to not include it. Staring out to the English channel on a sunny day eating the classic fish and chips is an experienced to be savoured.


19. Cape Cod – is a well-known classic American gem, situated on a peninsula stretching out to into the Atlantic. During the summer months the Massachusetts faithful flock to the quaint and usually quiet area to relax and enjoy the ambience of this beautiful sandy beach. The area houses a number of exquisite beaches and is also excellent to explore lighthouses, seafood restaurants and quaint little bays.

21846425150_b03f6c54baphoto credit: Camera John Sunrise at LeCount Hollow 5 via photopin (license)

18. Pirates Bay, Tobago – A small secluded beach, next to the small village of Charlotteville was by far our favourite beach on the Caribbean island. Hidden away down a set of cliff stairs, the charming stretch of sand is stereotypically a classic beach. Incredible water with grainy orange sand, far removed from any commercial entity – Ideal for chilling out and watching the world go by…


17. Zlatni Rat, Croatia – One of Croatia’s most iconic beachfront is located off the grid on the small island of Brac in the Adriatic. This beautiful horn-shaped beach stretches out into the incredibly crystal clear Croatian waters. From up on high, the views of the beachfront are stunning, a true picture perfect location. However the surprise comes when you visit the shores and are greeted by pearlescent white pebbles instead of the expected white sand. It doesn’t matter though – it’s such a beautiful beach.


16. Bamboo Beach – Koh Phi Phi, Thailand – The beaches of Koh Phi Phi are very well-known, as one was the location of the blockbuster film ‘The Beach’. Although this and the main islands beaches are all beautiful in their own right, the real gem is off the beaten track in the north. The non inhabited Bamboo Island is a 20 minute boat ride from the main island, and it’s worth every minute. The whole island edge is simply a beautiful white sand beach, with very few tourists in site.


15. Coogee Beach, Sydney Australia – Somewhat forgotten as it resides so close to the infamous Bondi beach, Coogee is by far the superior. Being lesser known has its positives, with beautiful golden sand and the same stretch of sea, it is the ideal place to lay back relax and enjoy the Australian summer.


14. White Sandy Bay – Naviti Fiji – Only a small collection of small wooden huts and buildings lay on the backdrop of this beautiful sandy beach. There are so many options in the Fijian chain that it is a privilege just to visit this incredible country. What made this beach so special for us was the local hospitality, with beach fires and stories most evenings. Lay back and enjoy the hospitality, the beautiful warm water and the peace that only comes from locations such as this…


13. Port Launey North Beach, Seychelles – The island of Mahe is an epicentre of incredibly pristine beaches. We have simply chosen the one next to the resort we called home.. A stunning white sandy beach that extends into a blissful shallow bay couldn’t be any more beautiful. The beach has such an incredible draw, with such inviting waters it was somewhat intoxicating. Other notable beaches on the island include Anse Royale & Beau Vallon.


12. Fraser Island – Essentially the whole island is made of sand, however the coastline beaches of the island are the true definition of a traditional beach. A majority of the island’s coastline is dominated by the beautiful sandy bays, although many are inaccessible to tourists. The only downside to this paradise is that the waters that surround it which are known breeding grounds of the aggressive Tiger Shark – thus making swimming a tad dangerous.


11. Gili Twangang – This beautiful Indonesian island is surrounded by beautiful golden sand. The marvel of it and its three neighbouring islands are that they are void of any cars by law,with the only horse-drawn carriages and bicycles as available alternatives. This also means that the beaches are secluded, pristine and a glorious white.  .


10. Greens Pool, Denmark, Western Australia – We stumbled across this idyllic cove on a recent exploration of Western Australia. Being that it is situated in the south-west, the water is not always that inviting, however its clarity makes it extremely inviting. These sheltered pools house a number of huge granite boulders, adding to an element of perfection.


9. Bark Bay, Abel Tasman, New Zealand – Located in the midst of New Zealand’s Abel Tasman national park lies a number of beautiful hidden beaches. The national park stretches across over 200km2, and discovering its true beauty is hard work. Many of its most incredible coves such as this are deep in the interior, only accessible by boat or a long yet enjoyable hike. A slightly odd place to find such a beautiful stretch of white powdery sand and sensational clear water.


8. Cable Beach, Broome – Once upon a time the small town of Broome was nothing but a speck on the map, so far from any populated centre. It is now a huge tourist draw, mainly due to its crowning glory, the stunningly underdeveloped Cable Beach. It’s a world away from the over crowned iconic beaches of Australia, and houses a true sense of tranquility some may even say spirituality.


7. Long Beach, Tofino – The true definition of a wilderness beach, this stretch of sand looks directly out onto the mighty pacific ocean. The mixture of ancient forest, rocky islands and golden sand makes this location a memory maker. As the beach is so far removed from any commercial centre, the skies are devoid of any pollution, making an evening campfire here simply magical. It is sometimes the imperfect locations that truly are just perfect.


6. Anse Source d’Argent – Once heralded as the world’s most beautiful beach, this stunning stretch of white grainy sand reigns supreme in the Seychelles. Anse Source d’Argent is only a small beach on the south-west side of the island of La Digue, however its draw comes from the smooth giant granite boulders scattered from all sides. Alongside the stunning crystal clear warm water – it’s a picture perfect location.


5. Lake MacKenzie – Located within the very heart of the world’s biggest sand island, Lake McKenzie beach is simply divine.  Surrounded by forest, the beach is not even visible from the car park. However as you walk down the sand road, the surround parts and the view is simply jaw dropping… pure white sand and a two toned fresh water lake that is transfixing.


4. Bazaruto Island – The beautiful African island is lesser known gem in the travelling sphere. Hidden for many years in a country torn apart by war, the Bazaruto archipelago holds its own against many Caribbean, Indian ocean and Pacific Islands. During low tide, there are a number of pure white sand inlets that appear from under the crystal waters. The island doesn’t have any particular named beaches however is home to an enormous sand dune. Surrounding that dune are some of the most incredible natural beaches we have ever witnessed – True Paradise.


3. Bora Bora – There is no island in the world like Bora Bora, it is simply paradise on earth. The only downside is that with such iconic stature comes commercialism.  This French Polynesian wonder has however kept a vast majority of its splendor, hotels and eateries seem in blend in with the natural landscape. What also comes with paradise is a very steep price but so worth every penny.The experience was in an investment in a memory we shall never forget and seldom meet.


2. Turquoise Bay – Western Australia – Our recent trip to the west coast of Australia was one of our favourite adventures of all time. The highlight of the trip was the inspirational Cape Range National Park, a location that embodies natural Australian beauty. It is void of development and as such retains its natural state. One of many beaches in the park, Turquoise Bay holds the draw of an incredible protected cove filled with turquoise water housing a small coral reef. Turquoise Bay is a place of true inspiration.

1. Unknown Beach, Australia – We drove north of Broome on the Cape Llewellyn dirt road, and at some time we turned off to try to find the coast. We had no satellite navigation system, no map, just strangers we met in the hostel and a combined sense of adventure. In essence we were true explorers, and we found the gem of all beaches. It housed a scene only reserved for the few, a beach so pristine and elegant it should only exist in one’s dreams. It captured our imagination, refueled our weary minds and simply filled us with a deep inspiration. We searched for its name, for similar images but it remains hidden and nameless. What is certain is that it lives in our Wandering Memories and one day we hope to return.


You may be a little surprised by some of our choices and by the fact that some iconic beaches that we have visited do not appear on the list. Of course any list such as this is very subjective, and the experience does sometimes outweigh just the look.

Other recommended beaches we have visited include:

  • Malibu Beach, California
  • Cannon Beach, Oregon
  • Whitehaven Beach, Australia
  • Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii
  • Caye Caulker, Belize
  • Horseshoe Bay, Tasmania
  • Port Douglas, Australia
  • Sandbanks, UK
  • Newquay Beach, UK
  • Grande & Little Anse, Seychelles
  • Camps Bay, South Africa
  • Blue Lagoon, Fiji
  • Coral Bay, Australia
  • Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand

10 thoughts on “A Wandering Memories- Top 20 Beaches

  1. Being a beach lover I absolutely loved this post. Great to see beautiful Fraser Island feature twice. I really will have to get to WA’s grand beaches in this lifetime. Looks breathtakingly beautiful.

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    1. Hi Miriam. Thank you – this post didn’t do as well as I thought – maybe I tagged it incorrectly or something. Yes you can see Australia features heavily as always… It was a hard list to put together and took a long while to publish 🙂

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      1. It’s strange and sometimes hard to understand why some posts don’t dare as well. I’m surprised and I can see that this would have taken you a while to put together. I enjoyed it!

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  2. I wanted to pick a couple of the beaches that called my attention the most, but the more I scrolled down, the more I added onto my list! Bamboo beach looks especially lovely and so does Croatia, as I live in Spain I´ve always wanted to hit up Croatia. I hear that it´s a country that hasn´t been touched by tourists too much yet.

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    1. Hi there. Thank you so much that is much appreciated, yes they all are pretty addictive arn’t they… was such a hard blog to write. Yes get to Croatia now as its getting more like Greece but currently still very pleasant… Please follow the blog and you’ll see many more posts coming soon

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi there. Thank you so much that is much appreciated, yes they all are pretty addictive arn’t they… was such a hard blog to write. Yes get to Croatia now as its getting more like Greece but currently still very pleasant… You definitely should go…

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