Elemental Devastation

Devastation occurs throughout the world on a daily basis.

This is not just concentrated on us as humans beings, but the natural world has it fair share of Devastation.

There is nothing as constant and consistent as Elemental Devastation, three of which directly impact the earth on a daily basis…

  • Air sweeps across the land, whipping its strength against the land itself
  • Water flows through and over the earth carving out pathways, gorges and valleys
  • Fire can sweep across the land in minutes and simply destroys everything in its path

The Earth also has its own natural events in the form of earthquakes and volcanoes, both of which are regarding as the most devastating of all..

We sometimes forget that Devastation is essentially a part of nature itself.

Here are a few images that depict Elemental Devastation

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7 thoughts on “Elemental Devastation

      1. Hi victorine. Sorry I am a little confused, I haven’t seen a nomination or blog with this in? The one you sent me was from another blogger to you. Apologies if I am confused… thank you for the thought


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