Location Repurpose

As explorers at heart we rarely visit the same place more than a couple of times.

We are true believers that there is so much of the world to see and so much choice why would you continue to visit the same location.

As we have grown older this theory has come under question as we start to find new experiences and Repurpose in certain special locations. These places provide us with new Wandering Memories each and every time we visit. They adapt to our state of mind and specific purpose, they essentially continue to surprise us with wonder and awe.

Here are a few images of such locations we hold dear and repurpose every couple of years

Do you have specific locations you like to repurpose? Let us know below:

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13 thoughts on “Location Repurpose

  1. I agree! It is such a big world, and our list of places we want to visit is so very long. However, there are some places we love dearly, and which always offer up new experiences for us. New York City never disappoints, even though we lived in a suburb and visited often for almost 20 years! I agree with you on Paris, too! We will visit Barcelona for the third time this winter, and we still have a lot we want to do there. We have been to Rome 3 times, and it seems like we have barely scratched the surface. Finally, there are sentimental places we have visited with our children, or with family members who have now passed on. Those places bring comfort and the pleasant blending of warm happy memories and the creation of new memories. For us, those are Hilton Head Island and Disney World 🙂

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    1. Hi Diane. Thank you for the comment I am glad it resonated with you. Yes New York we have been to 9 times now and it always springs up new experiences and hidden wonders. These even happen in some of our favourite places like Washington square or bleaker street. Our sentimental location is the Lake District in Cumbria england where we had our first holiday together as a couple, we also got married there which was extremely special. Have you ever been to London?

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      1. I have been there twice. Once in 1987 with my mom for a wee to celebrate graduating college and once with the husband for over a week in 91 to celebrating him graduating from graduate school. Loved it, but so much has changed we need to return. I really would like to tour England as well next time

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      2. Ah yes a lot would’ve changed since 92 that is for sure but again some things remain the same I.e Buckingham palace, Tower of London, tower bridge… if you ever do decide to come back we would be more than happy to give you some ideas of an itinerary and of course meet up and give you a personal tour of London.

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  2. I feel much like you David. The world and even Australia is way too big to keep going back to the same place YET just recently we went back to the same beachside camping spot, two weeks running. It was just the most magnificent place with the most amazing views. Yanakie, that’s my repurpose.


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