A lust for Solitude

When I was younger the mere idea of Solitude used to scare me. I always desired company, I always desired acceptance and loved to be around people.

One of the main challenges of travelling alone is that you will be subjected to solitude on a frequent basis. What you have to learn to respect it and enjoy it. Realizing where you are, who you are and taking a moment out of the chaos to reflect can really help. What you will soon learn is that solitude is bliss… Once you learn that, then all of a sudden you find endless beauty around the world..

  • Be it a deserted beach


  • A remote waterfall


  • A country lane


  • An isolated ski run


  • An empty hillside


Solitude is everywhere it is part of the true Wanderlust of the world and we at A Wandering Memory lust for it on a daily basis

15 thoughts on “A lust for Solitude

  1. Beautiful David! I actually hate being alone and now that the kids are in school spend too much time alone. It gets hard in the winter. The funny thing is I love being alone when I travel and find joy and challenge in it. Perhaps I feel disconnected in the midst of winter in our home when no one is around, especially the kids!

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    1. Hi Nicole. How are you? Ah that is difficult I am sure. Winter is always difficult esp when in alone but luckily I have a bundle of joy to keep me company. I always take pleasure in writing and working on the blog. I’d love to hear if you have anymore tips…


      1. Me too. I’m largely a point and shoot photographer, despite all my published articles. So much of it is really in the composition as opposed to the expensive equipment, but still it’s good to learn.

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  2. I loved traveling alone in my 20s. I learned so much about myself and how independent I can be. There are so many people out there to talk to and hear stories from who I never would have given a second look if I had been with company. Now, though, I’m loving my new phase of traveling with my fiancé. It’s like a next step in my life and in our lives together!! Thanks for the post!!

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      1. We are getting married in July and taking off for the honeymoon a couple days after. I asked my fiance where the one place he would really love to see is and he said Australia! So I booked the tickets a week or so later. I had to be selfish, though, and also book a few days in Bali as it’s someplace I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see. It will be one of our first big trips together and I’m super excited!

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      2. Thanks so much!!! I’m super excited!!!

        I will take any help and suggestions!! Things to see/do, places to visit, restaurants, bars…. anything good! We will fly into Sydney and stay there for a few days, then up to Cairns area for a few days (although looking at staying in Port Douglas maybe?) then to Bali for a few days.

        I just read your post about the Komodo Island and it looks amazing but we won’t have enough time.

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