Challenging InSecurity

I have a confession to tell you

I am insecure, it’s not something new I’ve always been insecure…

I have faced my insecurities on many occasions throughout my life. None as poignant as when I left my family, my friends and my support network to travel the world alone.

I faced my inSecurity and I came out on top. I found myself establishing connections with fellow travelers and locals all over the globe. I challenged myself and obtained some of the most incredible memories of my life.


I still have insecurities, as I am sure everyone does, however travel helped me face many…

I developed as a person, I truly believe I became a better version of myself, a truer version.

I came back to the UK never feeling as insecure again.

9 thoughts on “Challenging InSecurity

  1. Travel has a funny way of forcing one’s self to self reflect, and face insecurities and challenges head on. Good for you for taking on the challenge and bettering yourself through all of your adventures!

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  2. Totally relatable post! I’m typically confident in myself but I do find moments of insecurity in my relationships with others. And it does your head in! But like yourself, I find travel gives me that sense of security back again. Great post. Thank you for sharing!

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