Everything happens for a reason!

I HATE the expression ‘everything happens for a reason’. There are so many horrors in this world that directly conflict with this statement.

However looking back at my life, I can definitely see some correlation with the phrase.

  • If I had stood up to the bully’s at school earlier, I wouldn’t have had such a difficult time.
  •  If I had applied myself better at school, I may have had a career earlier on in life.
  •  If I hadn’t chosen a crap course at University, I would never travelled to Utah and breathed life into my wanderlust.
  • If I had never gone travelling, I would not be as confident as I am now.
  • If I hadn’t come home from traveling for my sister’s wedding, I would never have met my wife Megan.

All of my decisions have led me to this point in my life where I am extremely lucky to be a father to a beautiful boy, husband to a gorgeous wife and friend to many incredible people.

So really it’s not that ‘everything happens for a reason’, it’s more like ‘everything happens due to the decisions you make’ and even if those choices don’t work out there is an infinite amount more, that you have to make – so continue to try and make the correct ones.

My advice – choose travel!


11 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason!

    1. Hi Nicole. Thank you, it ring a real chord with me when I wrote it! I am not sure where I was going with it but it ended up flowing nicely. Feel free to link to it or reblog if wanted. Hope you had a nice Easter


  1. Wise advice and great post Mike. I’ll always choose travel, if I can. I love what you wrote … it’s not that ‘everything happens for a reason’, it’s more like ‘everything happens due to the decisions you make’. That’s so true.

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