A traveler’s confession

When you go backpacking, you leave the majority of your creature comforts at home and rely on the necessities. In all honesty you can only fit a specific amount of ‘things’ into a backpack.

It’s incredible that you can actually live quite happily without a whole host of what we see as ‘essentials’ when we are at home. Consumer items such as computers, smartphones, your electric beauty appliances and even your favourite clothes are not essential. I went with an old school iPod, electric razor (for head and beard) and a really basic Motorola phone (which I made sure was only for emergencies).


Granted I will admit that there were times where I could have used a computer.  However there is a real beauty being offline for a while, that allows you to really enjoy the experience. The real world is so much more exciting than the internet. Most cities offer some type of cyber cafes which are the perfect work around for the basic communications.

However, it is not just about the appliances and clothing. Travellers miss all sorts of things, from their family & friends, beds or even something as strange as their daily routine or commute.

Although I missed a lot of things, one thing I really started to miss was a private bath! Yes a bath! None of the hostels or actually my shared housing had a bath… Before you ask they had showers (which I used) and we could always jump into the sea, but my confession is that I didn’t have a bath for a year…

When I returned home after a year, I made sure I rectified that for a number of months… Strange what you take for granted.

Well that’s my confession – What weird thing did you miss?



41 thoughts on “A traveler’s confession

  1. I always miss baths while traveling. Even if hostels/hotels do have them, it’s hard for me to not think about all the other people that might have been in it before me. But it amazing how much less we can get away with having. I used to say all the time “I need” when it came to things like a new pair of shoes. But I’ve been trying to switch over to saying “I want” because it’s much more realistic and it creates a different mindset about consumerism.

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      1. Agreed! It ‘s a fun mind experiment and I can honestly say that it’s altered my happiness in a positive way. So much more grateful for everything.

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  2. Completely agree, since we have started travelling I have realised how unecessary most of the toiletries I own are! In a weird way I miss coming home from work and watching The Chase (a UK gameshow!) with a glass of wine. It’s the simple things I guess!

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  3. I found your article really interesting. I couldn’t agree more! We really do take lots for granted and class to many things as essentials when we don’t actually need that much! Travelling really does help to put things into perspective πŸ™

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