Over Connected!

I recently blogged about materialism and how it has struck me that I have become more materialistic recently. Within that piece I also wrote

I was disconnected from the world, yet I never felt more connected with myself and what was around me.

This simply flowed from my mind when I was writing, and it really resonated with me. I think especially as we have just come back from our first family holiday with our first child.


I have realised that I am currently completely addicted to being online

  • I am connected at work
  • I connect during my lunch on my phone
  • I connect when I get home.
  • At the weekend I connect.

Work is understandable and acceptable, but sometimes at the weekend or after work, I connect for no good reason.I browse Facebook, Google, Sports sites, Amazon and other various shopping sites, with no apparent goal or reason. I don’t need to, but I do!


One thing I am usually not guilty of is connecting on holiday, however our most recent holiday I’ll admit was more than usual. I don’t want that to be my life…  There is no doubt we still live for the experience and memories, but to really savour the now you have to be in the now! Not stuck to my phone.

I am making a pledge right here and now to be more conscious of my online presence and only go online where appropriate and required (especially to read, learn and write).

I realise it may sound silly, as essentially you will read this online, but there is a substantial difference between sharing, learning and connecting with fellow bloggers than aimlessly being connected.

I maybe in the minority but I want to be more connected with the here and now.


19 thoughts on “Over Connected!

  1. Excellent and well said. We are living in a world where we are way too connected and it is so important to practice mindfulness and being in the moment and not always glued to our technology. I made a promise to turn mine off for times throughout the day or night and to stay away if on vacation. It is healthy. Yes we can easily get sucked in but that is when I turn it off and pick up a book or spend time with the family. 🙂

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      1. Hi there. Thank you for the comment. You should check out brakes blog also. There is some powerful pieces on their. Completely agree it’s become very much an obsession and compulsive more than required or even fun! Glad you enjoyed the piece

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      1. That’s very nice to hear thank you! I hope you continue to. There’s a lot of content on their already but we try to update it at least weekly. Thank you for the follow and we hope to hear more from you.

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  2. So well said David. Sadly these days it seems to be an addiction shared by many. I think it’s why I love camping so much as it gives me a chance to disconnect. But I also need to do it at home more too. Thanks for the reminder.

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