Looking for Inspiration

We were looking for a bit of inspiration today and came across a photo we took in Africa a few years back.

We bought a 500mm telescopic lens especially for that trip and hauled it all around the continent in search of wildlife. This was more than a toy, it was a real investment in our photographic hobby.

This overexposed image was one we were particularly proud of, as it was a singular moment where the subject raised its head and the glow from the early morning sun lit up the dry grass perfectly.


It’s a memory we have kept and cherish, but also it a reminder that capturing images and learning the art of photography still inspires us.

5 thoughts on “Looking for Inspiration

  1. Lovely image and an equally lovely memory for you. I always think that if in the event of a catastrophe I had to rescue anything from my house it would be my photographs – all now on DVDs fortunately, so I wouldn’t have to haul heavy albums around. Above is truly wonderful.


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