Surpassing Wanderlust

I suffer from a burning desire to travel; I have ever since I moved to the USA in 2001 for University.

It’s often referenced as ‘Wanderlust’, however for some of us, it’s more than that. The experience, the challenge, the feelings, all have become very integral to who I am as a person. As such I have now visited a staggering 33.3% of the world’s countries, and I have no intention in stopping.

It’s not been down to luck or chance that I have been able to explore so extensively. It’s down to a supportive nurturing family, an incredible wife, and a desire that is placed above everything, but the formerly mentioned.

For me, the experience, beauty, adventure and social element is as strong as a lust – it is captivating – similar to a mild addiction.

I have only experienced a few emotions stronger than my wanderlust, and they all revolve around family. My parents and extended family have always been wanderlust enthusiasts, my wife has always been a huge supporter of travel, having roamed the world with me on numerous occasions.

However nothing prepared me for the feeling that fatherhood would bring, all of a sudden my wanderlust is subdued by the desire to spend more time with my son. Every smile is worth its weight in gold, and it’s such a weird but very natural sensation. To say I am a proud father would be an understatement – he is happy and all I want is for him to be happy.

I can’t wait to share with him the adventures we have had and will have together. I can’t wait to take him on a plane for the first time, for him to swim in the open ocean, to sit around a camp fire toasting marshmallows, for us to spot wildlife on a safari drive… the list is endless.

Currently however we are taking breaks locally while he becomes a little bit more robust and establishes himself. Our next break is to the lovely Welsh seaside town of Tenby…

I wonder if he will travel as extensively as we have – I hope so. Wanderlust defined my 20’s and 30’s and I we have memories that last a lifetime.

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