Over Connected!

I recently blogged about materialism and how it has struck me that I have become more materialistic recently. Within that piece I also wrote

I was disconnected from the world, yet I never felt more connected with myself and what was around me.

This simply flowed from my mind when I was writing, and it really resonated with me. I think especially as we have just come back from our first family holiday with our first child. … More Over Connected!

Working Abroad – The Options

As many of you know when I was younger my only ambition was to move to America. I was intoxicated by the ‘American dream’ and somewhat blinded by it also. With this in mind I took a University course especially to live my dream which was one of the best decisions I had ever made (maybe not academically but definitely was personally). What I got was a glimpse of living abroad and I loved it. … More Working Abroad – The Options

Note to our Unborn

Hi – we haven’t met yet, but I am going to be your father.

Thats sounds so strange and so grown up – it’s actually quite a scary thing to say.

The inevitable realisation that we will soon meet has recently dawned on me, and as such I wanted to write you a few words.

You’re about to enter a family full of support and love. … More Note to our Unborn

Essential Australia – Fraser Island

Continuing the Australian Essentials segment, no list would be complete without Fraser Island. In all honesty it is probably our favorite essential experience of Australia’s eastern coast.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, with an eclectic mix of beautiful beach, crystal clear freshwater lakes, dense forest and stunning rock vistas. Located just off the town of Hervey Bay, in between Brisbane and Rockhampton, the island is renowned as an experience not to be missed … More Essential Australia – Fraser Island

What’s your favourite?

Being a passionate traveller and having travelled to fifty nine countries worldwide we are consistently asked

What’s your favourite?

This is the worst question to ask a true traveller, as deciding is near on impossible. Each country holds something special, unique Wandering Memories influenced by the personal experience.

My standard response is… ‘I can’t decide that, it’s like asking a film critic what their favorite movie is or a music fan whose their favourite band?’

Well for the first time I will document down a number of our favourite Wandering Memories. … More What’s your favourite?

Real Extreme Sports

I recently posted my first review on ‘A Wandering Memory’ instead of my traditional stories. So as I am in the mood for change, I have decided that I should now concentrate on a particular experience. As you know through some of my current blogs, I love a good adventure, and my taste in activities mirrors this. Yes I am very partial to an extreme sport, having dived, skied, snowboarded, skydived and even bungee jumped – so what next? … More Real Extreme Sports