Snow Sports Season – Banff

I cant believe its nearly snow sports season again, I refer to it as snow sports as I am a proficient skier and an amateur snowboarder myself – and I don’t get involved in the conflict between the two. They are both brilliant fun!
In honor to the snow season to come I thought it was a good time to look at one of A Wandering Memories best snow sports experiences in the Canadian resort of Sunshine in the beautiful town of Banff. … More Snow Sports Season – Banff

Wildlife and Wilderness – Paradise in Tofino

I’ve been thinking recently about my favourite places and it’s so difficult to pinpoint them. While some places always spring to mind first, others seem to flitter in and out of scope.

One place that always springs directly to mind is the idyllic town of Tofino. Some of you will know exactly where I mean, but for others it’s a very small town off the Clayoquot sound on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. … More Wildlife and Wilderness – Paradise in Tofino