A Wandering Memories- Top 20 Beaches

Whilst travelling the world you get to witness some incredible locations full of beauty and wonder. One part of that beauty lies where the ocean meets the land in the form of beaches. Millions of people from around the world travel thousands of miles each year just to visit specific well-known beaches. We have been privileged to witness some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and wanted to share a number of them with you. … More A Wandering Memories- Top 20 Beaches

Serene Untouched Ambience

Millions of us crave a beach, some of us even travel simply to experience one.
Beaches incorporate a perception of relaxation and tranquility, a human haven.

Most however are manipulated by the world’s increasing capitalistic nature and have lost some of their ambience, becoming more of a attraction than a haven.

A deserted beach is a rarity in the world we live in. … More Serene Untouched Ambience

Bol – Croatia

As previously blogged we completely fell in love with Croatia and the island of Brac. Setting up a base in Supetar, we hired a car to enable us to visit the entire island. Access to this small town is via a road that descends from the high centre to the coastline, it’s a beautiful drive well worth the effort. … More Bol – Croatia

A Hidden Wonderland – Abel Tasmin – New Zealand

s you may know, I like to visit new locations, however if I do find myself in the same country to which I have already visited, I like to find new experiences and places to explore.

One such Wandering Memory was in New Zealand, to which I have had the privilege of visiting twice so far. My original trip was a whistle stop highlights coach tour whilst travelling solo and my best memories were all centered on Wanaka, Queenstown and Franz Josef. … More A Hidden Wonderland – Abel Tasmin – New Zealand

The Truth about the Phi Phi Islands – Thailand.

It occurred to me that I have only blogged once about Thailand and haven’t yet shared my thought on some of the incredible places we have visited. One such place is that of the Koh Phi Phi Islands on the western coast of Thailand. These islands, usually reached by either ferry from Phuket or Krabi, were thrown into the international limelight when a certain Leonardo di Caprio, used one for the location of ‘The Beach’. Since this the island in question Phi Phi Lea has become a mecca for travelers, holidays and backpackers galore… … More The Truth about the Phi Phi Islands – Thailand.